2021-08-05 General


This study out of the Netherlandsfound that the vaccine effectiveness against transmission to household members was:

  • 58% for AZ
  • 70% for Pfizer
  • 88% for Moderna
  • 77% for J&J

Moderna says their vaccine’s effectiveness does not wane in six months, only dropping from 94% to 93% effectiveness.

According to the Moderna Q2 Investor’s Report, the antibodies waned significantly over six months. I think that means that antibodies aren’t the whole story.

Also according to their Quarterly Report, Moderna is developing three different boosters: one of the original formulation (mRNA-1273), one using the Beta spike (mRNA-1273.351), one using the Delta spike (mRNA-1273.617), one with a mix of the original plus the Beta spike one (mRNA-1273.211), and one with a mix of the Delta spike and another which I haven’t been able to track down (mRNA-1273.213).

They reported results from three those boosters of them in test tubes. All three gave as many antibodies against Beta and Gamma as the original formulation’s two doses gave against COVID-Classic.

Even a third dose (well, a half-dose) of the original formulation gave really good antibody levels against Beta, Gamma, *and* Delta.

Novavax is still having problems manufacturing its vax.