2022-01-19 BC

Testing The BC CDC recently updated their testing web page to say who was eligible. Basically, if you are young, vaccinated, and not CEV, then you don’t get a PCR test (unless your job is in a special category like HCW or prison guard) There are some people who are upset, but I am having… Continue reading 2022-01-19 BC

2022-01-06 BC

Testing The province has opened up a mass vax clinic at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and whatever they are doing is working: the province gave just over 50K doses yesterday. That’s good. HOWEVER, the Vancouver Convention Centre was really snarled today, according to first-hand reports and also this article. There was a 20 minute wait… Continue reading 2022-01-06 BC

2021-12-27/28 BC

Testing This article says that any self-reported positives on rapid antigen tests which get submitted via the province’s survey (which I posted a few days ago) do not get reported in the province’s daily numbers. (I guess that’s because if they did, malicious actors would artificially inflate the numbers?) There is a user-driven site where… Continue reading 2021-12-27/28 BC