2021-03-15 BC

Mitigation Measures Because of COVID, the province made legal takeout/delivery sales of alcohol alongside the purchase of a meal. They just made that rule permanent. Many people have wondered what long-term effects the pandemic would have, and I promise you “takeout/delivery alcohol sales” was not on my list or any list I saw. Press Briefing… Continue reading 2021-03-15 BC

2021-03-12 BC

Statistics Today: +648 cases, +0 deaths, +10 cases of B.1.1.7, +0 cases of B.1.351, +0 cases of P.1, +13,952 first doses, +15 second doses. Currently 255 in hospital / 67 in ICU, 5,070 active cases, 9,155 under monitoring, 80,325 recovered. This is the first day since 5 November 2020 that there have been no COVID… Continue reading 2021-03-12 BC

2021-03-11 BC

Statistics Today: +569 cases, +8 cases of B.1.1.7, +3 cases of B.1.351, +0 cases of P.1, +11,402 first doses, +49 second doses, +3 deaths. Currently 244 in hospital / 68 in ICU, 4,912 active cases, 8,989 under monitoring, 79,829 recovered. Charts

2021-03-10 BC

Daily Statistics Today: +531 cases, +1 death, +11,937 first doses, +22 second doses. Newly reported +50 cases of B.1.1.7, +0 cases of B.1.351, +1 case of P.1. Currently 244 people in hospital / 66 in ICU, 4,861 active cases, 9,051 under monitoring, 79,309 recovered. Call Centre NOTE: People over 85 can call tomorrow to make… Continue reading 2021-03-10 BC

2021-03-09 BC

Statistics Today: +550 cases including +167 of B.1.1.7, +2 of B.1.351, +13 of P.1), +2 deaths, +10,041 first doses, +13 second doses. Currently 249 in hospital / 68 in ICU, 4,869 active cases, 8,971 under monitoring, 78,770 recovered. Prince Rupert The province is going to vaccinate everyone in Prince Rupert with the Moderna vaccine before… Continue reading 2021-03-09 BC

2021-03-05 BC

Vaccine Clinics A friend of mine who is hospital-adjacent tells me that he got a message yesterday telling him that vax would be available today for people like my friend who work in the hospital but who are not health-care workers. (I presume this includes people like janitors, laundry staff, and the woman who runs… Continue reading 2021-03-05 BC

2021-03-04 BC

VOCs There are more and more VOCs in BC. Today, they announced 42 more B.1.17 cases and 4 more B.1.351 cases. Four people in hospital have VOCs; two recent deaths were from VOCs. Dr. Henry advocates keeping calm, but I think this warrants some concern. Vaccine supply Next week, BC should be getting about 60K… Continue reading 2021-03-04 BC

2021-03-03 BC

Vaccine Supply Canada got its first shipment of 500,000 doses of the Serum Institute of India-branded AstraZeneca vaccine today, but it hasn’t made it to BC yet. Statistics Today: +542 cases, +7 deaths, +1 B.1.351, +17 B.1.1.7, +6,548 first doses, +79 second doses. Currently 246 in hospital / 64 in ICU, 4,654 active cases, 8,617… Continue reading 2021-03-03 BC

2021-03-02 BC

Local company in the news! I found out that AbCellera, a Vancouver company, was involved in making Eli Lilly’s monoclonal antibody COVID treatment! AbCellera makes a machine that can screen blood looking for useful antibodies. Press Briefing of 2021-03-02 Data NOTICE!! Dr. Henry said that they had some problems with their data systems and that… Continue reading 2021-03-02 BC

2021-03-01 BC

The big news was an immunization briefing, which I covered in a post of its own. AZ vaccine Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommended against using the AstraZeneca vaccine in individuals aged 65 years and older, due to insufficient data. Weekend Statistics From today’s press release: Fri/Sat: +532 casesSat/Sun: +508 casesSun/Mon: +438 cases Over… Continue reading 2021-03-01 BC