2021-10-12 BC


This article says that the guy who ran the SARS inquiry says we should have an inquiry to how well BC has handled COVID-19.

Press Briefing

I only caught a part of the press briefing; this article has a nice summary.

  • Things are bad in Northern Health. They’ve now airlifted 55 people out of Northern Health, including 43 with COVID-19. 14 got flown on Thanksgiving.
  • Parents can now register their kids ages 5-11 for a vaccination. The pediatric vaccine hasn’t been approved yet, but you and I and everybody else all know that it will be soon. When will we have vax? That’s a different question, and depends in large part on whether Health Canada will be willing to use all the adult stock that we have on hand.
  • Kids as young as 5 now need to mask in the same places that adults do.
  • Today’s the day when long-term care home and assisted living staff have to have at least one dose of vax to work. The vax rates are quite high — about 95%. Dix said that many of the unvaxxed were “casual” workers, meaning they are not on the regular schedule. Dix said that they are redeploying personnel to help places with staff shortages. (He also mentioned that during the Little Mountain outbreak, they mobilized 90 people, “including our VP, who went to work at Little Mountain every day”.)


  • Fri/Sat: +603 cases
  • Sat/Sun: +634 cases
  • Sun/Mon: +468 cases
  • Mon/Tue: +385 cases

NB: I don’t believe the last two days’ numbers. It is probably “weekend effect”, and likely to pop back up when people go get tested again.

Over the long weekend, an average of +7 deaths, +5,449 first doses, +4,752 second doses.

Currently 357 in hospital / 153 in ICU, 5,183 active cases, 186,955 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults89.3%83.3%
of over-12s88.8%82.6%
of all BCers81.3%75.1%