2021-10-14 BC

Mitigation Measures

Dr. H announced new restrictions for Northern Health, which is kind of in the shitter:

  • Indoor personal gatherings are limited to your household plus 5 visitors or one other household, and all must be fully vaxxed.
  • Outdoor personal gatherings are limited to 50 fully vaxxed people.

A COVID-19 safety plan is required for:

  • Outdoor gatherings with more than 200 fully-vaxxed people
  • All indoor events (with fully-vaxxed people)
  • Indoor and outdoor sporting events that have fully-vaxxed spectators

Press Briefing

Other things that came up at the press briefing:

  • They are holding the line on LTCH vax, anybody who hasn’t gotten a vax yet is not working. 96% got vaxxed.
  • The Oct 26 vax date is coming up for acute care, and they are totes serious about that deadline too.
  • 58 people have recently been airlifted from NH to southern HAs.
  • By comparison, NH has 40 base ICU beds and 20? surge beds.
  • Mixing vax is good, but people should take whatever vax they are offered, both mRNAs (which is what we are using now for both the main course of treatment and boosters) are fine.
  • It looks like Moderna is slightly more durable, especially for people with crappy immune systems. This is probably due to the higher dose.
  • We’ve been giving boosters the elderly in LTCH and people with crappy immune systems and we’re watching everybody else. We’re not seeing problems with waning in the general population (yet). A longer dose interval seems like it has been A Good Thing.
  • There have been 89 cases at Willingdon Care Centre, roughly 70 residents and 20 staff. This has been one of the worst outbreaks. Ten people have died, and those haven’t all been reflected in the stats yet.
  • When asked if she’d promise to give people boosters to make mixed-vax people eligible to travel to the US, Dr. H declined by omission, but did say that it is a globally important question, and the US is working on it.


Today: +580 cases,+9 deaths, +10,188 first doses, +6,738 second doses.

Currently 378 in hospital / 153 in ICU, 5,348 active cases, 187,985 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults89.4%83.6%
of over-12s89.0%82.9%
of all BCers81.5%75.3%

Today, the province passed EIGHT MILLION shots delivered to arms.