2021-08-25 BC

Statistics +698 cases, +1 death, +8,023 first doses, +10,247 second doses. Currently 139 in hospital / 75 in ICU, 5,356 active cases, 154,669 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 84.2% 76.5% of over-12s 83.5% 75.4% of all BCers 76.0% 68.5% We have 408,459 doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 27.4 days at… Continue reading 2021-08-25 BC

2021-08-24 BC

Mitigation Measures The province announced a new mask mandate for all indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccination status. This includes mass transit and taxis, but exempts restaurants if seated and fitness centres when actively engaged in physical activity. The province has announced back-to-school plans: Masks will be mandatory in schools above grade 3. Daily health… Continue reading 2021-08-24 BC

2021-08-23 BC

Mitigation Measures The province will be requiring vaccination by 13 September to enter a number of different types of establishments. These include indoor ticketed sporting events, indoor and patio dining in restaurants, fitness centres, casinos, and indoor organized events (e.g. conferences and weddings). UBC will be requiring proof of vaccination to live in the residence… Continue reading 2021-08-23 BC

2021-08-20 BC

Press Briefing The biggest news from today’s snap press briefing was that Interior Health has announced a new set of health-authority-wide restrictions to combat the rising case counts there. This supplements the previous orders which were only for the Central Okanagan. Also, everybody is asked to avoid non-essential travel into the Interior. The next biggest… Continue reading 2021-08-20 BC

2021-08-19 BC

Statistics +689 cases, +2 deaths, +4,330 first doses, +11,283 second doses. Currently 121 in hospital / 56 in ICU, 5,982 active cases, 150,377 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 83.7% 75.3% of over-12s 82.9% 74.0% of all BCers 75.4% 67.3% We have 497,365 doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 24.9 days at… Continue reading 2021-08-19 BC

2021-08-18 BC

Uh-oh This article reports that Kelowna General has started to cancel surgeries because of the COVID surge. The BC modelling group has released another report, which says we are fucked if we don’t introduce stronger mitigation measures and vaccination rates. Transmission This paper says that wildfire smoke makes COVID-19 more transmissible. Statistics +553 cases, +1… Continue reading 2021-08-18 BC

2021-08-17 BC

First Nations This Twitter thread shows that First Nations people are significantly less vaxxed than settlers. Statistics +501 cases, +1 death, +3,571 first doses, +13,507 second doses. Currently 111 in hospital / 51 in ICU, 5,296 active cases, 149,847 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 83.5% 74.9% of over-12s 82.7% 73.5% of all BCers… Continue reading 2021-08-17 BC

2021-08-16 BC

Vaccination Clinics This article says that one of the North Shore vax clinics is closing due to lack of demand (noting that the North Shore has really high vax rates). Statistics Fri/Sat: +532 casesSat/Sun: +441 casesSun/Mon: +461 cases +1 death, average +3,739 first doses, average +18,575 second doses over the weekend. Currently 104 in hospital… Continue reading 2021-08-16 BC

2021-08-13 BC

Mitigation Measures It is unclear if BC Ferries passengers’ will need to be vaccinated as part of the federal mandate that various types of passengers need to be vaccinated. Vaccines It’s Friday, so there’s an update on vaccinations by age, with data through 7 August: Treatment This article warns of staffing shortages, especially among nurses.… Continue reading 2021-08-13 BC

2021-08-12 BC

Long-Term Care Homes Today there was a press briefing where Dr. Henry/Minister Dix announced new orders for Long-Term Care Homes. They said that they were hoping that they could cope with unvaccinated workers by testing them frequently and having more stringent PPE requirements for them. Delta had other ideas, apparently, so they are now mandating… Continue reading 2021-08-12 BC