2021-07-15 BC

Tourism This article says that Canada will allow cruise ships to land in Canada again in November. Statistics +54 cases, +1 death, +6,932 first doses, +62,521 second doses (284 AZ). Currently 63 in hospital / 12 in ICU, 650 active cases, 145,859 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 80.5% 51.9% of over-12s 79.4% 48.6%… Continue reading 2021-07-15 BC

2021-07-14 BC

Variants I and a friend have been puzzling together about the drop in VOC cases in BC. One possibility is that COVID Classic is increasing its market share, which seems unlikely. A more likely explanation is that Variants of Interest are circulating but they have not yet been declared Variants of Concern. An obvious suspect… Continue reading 2021-07-14 BC

2021-07-12 BC

Vaccine Clinics Here are graphs of BC’s first and second dose rates by age: Variants I mentioned in yesterday’s General post that the Netherlands is seeing a meteoric rise in cases. There are two things I should have mentioned: The Dutch removed almost all restrictions on 26 June, just five days before BC removed almost… Continue reading 2021-07-12 BC

2021-07-09 BC

Excess Deaths As you might recall, there was a report that I talked about at length in the 2021-07-05 BC blog post which said that the BC COVID-19 death rate was higher than reported. Now, every jurisdiction’s COVID-19 death rate is going to be higher than reported. (There will be some COVID-19 deaths which got… Continue reading 2021-07-09 BC

2021-07-08 BC

Statistics Today: +59 cases, +1 death, +93,103 doses, +10,159 first doses, +82,944 second doses (of which 528 were AZ). NB: These numbers are so high compared to what we’ve been doing, that I suspect that a bunch of vaccinations from the weekend got written on a piece of paper that fell behind the filing cabinet… Continue reading 2021-07-08 BC

2021-07-07 BC

Transmission From yesterday’s BCCDC Weekly Data Summary, most cases in June were in unvaccinated younger adults. Statistics Today: +56 cases, +0 deaths, +6,671 first doses, +57,120 second doses (513 of which were AZ). I started to freak out about there being a rise two days in a row, but then a friend reminded me that… Continue reading 2021-07-07 BC

2021-07-06 BC

Seroprevalence This tweet has this graph which references StatCan and says that the seroprevalence of COVID-19 in BC after the second wave was about 1.6 (with a possible range of 0.5% to 2.9%, eyeballing): This is very different from the 5 to 6% which this survey (that I reported on yesterday) found. I don’t know… Continue reading 2021-07-06 BC

2021-07-02 BC

Heat This is not COVID-19, but it’s important. The BC Coroner said that there were 719 deaths in the past week, three times as many as would be expected. That means there were about 480 excess deaths, or as many as there were COVID-19 deaths as there were from 12 Feb to now. Statistics Wed/Thu:… Continue reading 2021-07-02 BC