2021-11-03 BC


This article reports that there were a record-breaking 55 double-lung transplants in 2020, nine of them because of lung damage from COVID-19. So far this year, there have been 52.


+430 cases, +5 deaths, +7,789 first doses, +3,188 second doses, +4,646 other doses. 

Currently X* in hospital / 137 in ICU, 4,373 active cases, 200,220 recovered.

X*: “data glitch” means no hospitalization info, they promise they will have it tomorrow.

first dosessecond doses
of adults90.5%86.1%
of over-12s90.1%85.5%
of all BCers82.0%77.8%


From this web page:

From the BC CDC Situation Report for the week ending 23 Oct 2020: