2021-11-01 BC

Mitigation Measures

This article says that 3,325 health-care workers across the province haven’t been vaxxed and have been put on leave without pay, leading to reductions in services at hospitals in the Interior and Fraser health authorities, plus some surgery postponements. I’m sure Minister Dix will give us incredibly detailed statistics on everything at tomorrow’s press conference.

Last week there were 4,090 health care workers who had not been vaccinated, and I have to really wonder about the 765 who got vaccinated after the last minute. Like, did they think the province was bluffing??? 765 is almost 19% of 4,090, that’s a lot.

This article says that all employees of the province have until 22 Nov to get vaxxed or go on unpaid leave for three months. The province is not messing around.


Fri/Sat: +568 cases
Sat/Sun: +470 cases
Sun/Mon: +332 cases

Average +8.33 deaths, +4,126 first doses, +1,939 second doses, +4,509 other doses per day.

Currently 436 in hospital / 140 in ICU, 4,668 active cases, 199,107 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults90.4%85.9%
of over-12s90.0%!!!85.3%
of all BCers81.9%77.6%