2021-10-20 BC


This article says that LifeLabs is going to strike. This tweet says that Minister Dix says that LifeLab is probably going to be declared an essential service, so won’t be significantly disrupted.


This article says that BC had been denying COVID-19 coverage to people who had just moved to the province, but has now changed its policy to give coverage.

Mitigation Measures

This article says that Corduroy Restaurant is in trouble again. You might remember that in April, they defied a shutdown order. No surprise then, that they refused to check vax card status. (You would think they’d be a little sly about it, that they’d ask to see the vax card and then always say “Great!” to anything that anyone showed, but I guess they aren’t that smart.)


Today: +696 cases, +6 deaths, +3,341 first doses, +5,845 second doses, +5,451 other doses.

Currently 370 in hospital / 139 in ICU, 4,888 active cases, 192,189 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults89.7%84.3%
of over-12s89.3%83.6%
of all BCers81.3%76.1%