2021-10-21 BC


This article reports that a court granted an injunction to close a restaurant in Hope that was defying vax card rules. This article says that the city of Vancouver pulled a different restaurant’s business license.

Mitigation Measures

This article seems to say that we will need two different vax passports, a BC one and a federal one? The federal one has all the info of the BC one, plus a little more, so I don’t see why you’d need the BC version, unless you didn’t want to disclose the small amount of info that the federal one adds (date of birth, which brand of vax you got, and when you got it).

At the end of this article, Premier Horgan says he’s going to push back on Trudeau about the PCR test to re-enter Canada, even for the fully-vaxxed.


 +715 cases, +4 deaths, +2,442 first doses, +7,042 second doses, +6,070 other doses.

Currently 377 in hospital / 136 in ICU, 4,965 active cases, 192,819 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults89.8%84.4%
of over-12s89.4%83.8%
of all BCers81.3%76.2%