2021-10-01 BC


This article says that three men were arrested for not only not wearing masks on BC Ferries, but threatening to fight other passengers who asked them to wear masks.


This study in BC covering 13 September 2020 through 19 Feb 2021 says public health orders caused an immediate drop in contact rates and, two weeks later, a drop in case count. The first public health order caused a bigger drop in contact rates than the next two. Contact rates explained 18% to 30% of transmission; case rates explained another 10%. (I presume that as case rates went up, people got scared and stayed home. I know I did.)

Mitigation Measures

This Ministry of Health press release says that masks will now be mandatory for grades K-3, not just grades 4-12. In this release, the Ministry also promises a monthly report on “the virus and how it effects schoolchildren”.

This is no doubt because 20% of last week’s cases were of children under 10. From this Twitter thread:

This article says that a third of BCers have gone to a place that should have asked for vax proof but did not, and ten percent witnessed negative beharviour when asked for proof.


 +714 cases, +11 deaths.

Currently 328 in hospital / 138 in ICU, 6,317 active cases, 178,980 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults88.5%81.9%
of over-12s88.0%81.1%
of all BCers80.2%73.8%


From the Government of Canada vaccine web site, first doses in BC over time by age:

and second doses (I don’t know why the 80+ line is messed up):