2021-10-15 BC


This article says that a news organization has been trying to get information about hospital outbreaks, but has been stonewalled in various ways.

Mitigation Measures

This article says that there is a new Order telling health care providers in private practice they will have to get vaccinated, but it doesn’t give a due date.


+667 cases, +13 deaths, +10,042 first doses*, +6,456 second doses.

Currently 367 in hospital / 152 in ICU, 5,128 active cases, 188,851 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults89.5%83.7%
of over-12s89.0%83.0%
of all BCers81.8%*75.5%*

*There’s a new column on the dashboard vaccines page, “other doses”, which I just noticed. I think it is probably mostly booster doses, and is currently at ~42K doses. This means that my count of first doses is wrong and the “of BCers” row in the table is wrong. I’m not going to fix it tonight though, I’ll fix it later.