2022-01-19 BC

Testing The BC CDC recently updated their testing web page to say who was eligible. Basically, if you are young, vaccinated, and not CEV, then you don’t get a PCR test (unless your job is in a special category like HCW or prison guard) There are some people who are upset, but I am having… Continue reading 2022-01-19 BC

2021-12-23 BC

IMPORTANT! If you tested positive on a rapid test in BC and did not get a PCR test, pub health asks that you please go to http://www.vch.ca/covid-19/you-have-tested-positive, click on the purple “Complete your assessment” button, and fill out the form. (It’s easy, takes five minutes.) I cannot speak for pub health, but I can imagine… Continue reading 2021-12-23 BC

2021-12-18/19/20 BC

Mitigation Measures Today’s press release strongly implied that there would be additional mitigation measures announced at tomorrow’s press briefing. Testing This article reports that there have been really long lines at testing centres. Sometimes testing workers have gone down the line giving rapid tests. They ask that if you do not have symptoms, to please… Continue reading 2021-12-18/19/20 BC

2021-12-11/12/13 BC

Mitigation Measures This article reports that UVic has cancelled its in-person exams due to COVID-19. This press release says that there were 124 cases and at least four were Omicron. Statistics Fri/Sat: +415 cases Sat/Sun: +365 cases Sun/Mon: +349 cases Over the weekend, +5 deaths, and an average of +7,437 first doses, +1,752 second doses,… Continue reading 2021-12-11/12/13 BC

2021-12-08/09/10 BC

Cases have been kind of flat for a while, and today they went up. I’ve heard speculation that there have been a fair number of holiday parties. Even if the attendees are fully vaccinated, that can’t be good for transmission. Mitigation Measures This article reports that worship services are being allowed again in Northern Health,… Continue reading 2021-12-08/09/10 BC

2021-12-04/05/06 BC

Transmission This article says that there was a big cluster to a religious gathering on Vancouver Island. Mitigation Measures This article says that several BC hospitals have been getting big HVAC upgrades. According to this article, the City of Vancouver appears to have caved in the face of the police, and is letting them do… Continue reading 2021-12-04/05/06 BC

2021-12-03 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that the head coach of a Kootenay International Junior Hockey League team has been suspended and the team fined for violating the league’s vaccination policy. Statistics +405 cases, +6 deaths. Currently 276 in hospital / 95 in ICU, 3,071 active cases, 214,047 recovered. first doses second doses third doses of… Continue reading 2021-12-03 BC

20211202 BC

Assholes This article says that a woman who call herself the “Queen of Canada” and called on her 73K followers to shoot health care workers has been arrested and detailed under the Mental Health Act. I can’t tell for sure from the article, but I think she is no longer in custody. Mitigation Measures This… Continue reading 20211202 BC