2202-03-31 and 2202-04-01 BC

Mitigation Measures

This press release says that the province will give almost $17M in grants to BC arts organizations.


  • Wed/Thu: +291 cases, +6 deaths, +279 first doses, +816 second doses, +1,899 other doses.  291 in hospital / 43 in ICU.
  • Thu/Fri: +357 cases, +4 deaths, +591 first doses, +1,384 second doses, +2,252 third doses.. Currently +274 in hospital / 35 in ICU.
first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults93.8%91.5%59.3%
of over-12s93.5%91.1%57.6%
of over-5s90.9%87.4%*
of all BCians90.0%86.5%53.4%


COVID-19 in wastewater, from this tweet thread:

Vaccinations by age over time for BC through 27 March 2022 for dose1, dose2, and dose3 from the Government of Canada vax page: