2022-01-11 BC

Transmission In today’s BC Ministry of Health press conference, Dr. Henry said that she thought that cases were going to start to come down soon. A reporter challenged her on that, given that we only have data from South Africa, which has very different demographics. Dr.H said that the data from the UK is also… Continue reading 2022-01-11 BC

2022-01-08/09/10 BC

Staff Shortages This article says that almost half of the ambulances in the Lower Mainland have been idle recently from lack of staff. Statistics Fri/Sat: +2,573 cases Sat/Sun: +2,287 cases Sun/Mon: +2,106 cases 7 deaths over the weekend; approximately +4,199 first doses, +937 second doses, +36,154 other doses per day.  Currently 431 in hospital /… Continue reading 2022-01-08/09/10 BC

2022-01-07 BC

Statistics +3,144 cases, +9 deaths, +3,694 first doses, +1,719 second doses, +46,549 other doses. Test positivity is 22.3%. Currently 349 in hospital / 93 in ICU, 33,184 active cases, 240,198 recovered. first doses second doses third doses of adults 92.5% 89.8% 25.2% of over-12s 92.1% 89.4% 23.5% of over-5s 88.5% 83.1% * of all BCers… Continue reading 2022-01-07 BC

2022-01-07 General

Vaccines This preprint from the UK found that boosters help against symptomatic infection, but also wane: dose1&2 dose3 VE at 2-4 weeks VE at 5-9 weeks VE at >10 weeks AZ+AZ Pfizer 62-65% 48% 32% AZ+AZ Moderna 62-65% 56% N/A Pfizer+Pfizer Pfizer 65% 49% 31% Pfizer+Pfizer Moderna 70% 57% N/A However, protection against severe disease… Continue reading 2022-01-07 General

2022-01-06 BC

Testing The province has opened up a mass vax clinic at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and whatever they are doing is working: the province gave just over 50K doses yesterday. That’s good. HOWEVER, the Vancouver Convention Centre was really snarled today, according to first-hand reports and also this article. There was a 20 minute wait… Continue reading 2022-01-06 BC

2022-01-06 General

Variants This preprint looks at the effectiveness of a COVID-19 infection (as opposed to a vaccination) against future COVID unpleasantness: Variant against infection against hospitalization or death Alpha 90.2% 69.4% Beta 84.8% 88.0% Delta 92.0% 100% Omicron 56.0% 87.8% This preprint says that most people have a quite good T-cell response to Omicron after a… Continue reading 2022-01-06 General

2022-01-05 BC

Statistics +3,798 cases, +0 deaths (yay!), +2,885 first doses, +1,593 second doses, +36,895 other doses.  Currently 317 in hospital / 83 in ICU, 29,967 active cases, 237,195 recovered, 26.1% positivity. first doses second doses third doses of adults 92.4% 89.7% 23.1% of over-12s 92.0% 89.3% 21.5% of over-5s 88.3% 83.0% * of all BCers 86.0%… Continue reading 2022-01-05 BC

2022-01-05 General

Vaccines Studies of the effectiveness of boosters against Omicron in humans (as opposed to test tubes) are starting to come out, and they are not as encouraging as one would like. This preprint from the UK says in people who got AZ, a Pfizer booster is 89.1% effective against symptomatic infection and for those who… Continue reading 2022-01-05 General