2021-06-01 General

Vaccines Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunizations has decreed that it’s okay to get an mRNA shot after an AstraZeneca shot. They had been waiting for the efficacy results from a big UK study, but the study has been delayed another month, and they (along with many other immunology boards) finally said “screw it, we’re… Continue reading 2021-06-01 General

2021-06-01 BC

Mitigation Measures (removal) The PNE is going to open after all! It’s set to open on June 11. This article says that the province is seeking to grab thousands of dollars (under civil asset forfeiture) from the guy who got busted running a nightclub in his downtown condo. Variants The BC CDC Weekly Data Summary… Continue reading 2021-06-01 BC

2021-05-30/31 BC

The news has been slow, I think in part because the US has a long weekend, but also because COVID-19 is generally receding as a major issue, certainly in the US but also somewhat in Canada. Variants On Thursday, Dr. Henry nonchalantly announced that they were dropping the dose interval from 16 weeks to 8… Continue reading 2021-05-30/31 BC

2021-05-31 General

Vaccines I have been very excited about NDV-HXP-S, which uses a 6-proline substitution (which makes the spike protein more stable) of the spike protein called Hexapro. Well, today a preprint came out with preliminary results that have two really good results in mice modified to have a human immune system. First, they developed an awesome… Continue reading 2021-05-31 General

2021-05-29 BC

Transmission This article says that BC CDC is doing a study of transmission of COVID-19 from cats to humans. Vaccines It’s now okay to use AZ for a month past its posted expiry date. Some provinces have doses expiring on 31 May. (Dr.Henry has said that ours expires at the end of June.)

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2021-05-29 General

Vaccines If I understand this paper correctly, scientists found spike protein in the blood of mice after vaccinating them with AZ. (See previous discussion of why that matters in the 26 May General blog posting.) There have been a number of papers which say that you are much less likely to transmit COVID if you… Continue reading 2021-05-29 General

2021-05-28 BC

Vaccinations BC continues to vax like crazy, with a record 73,458 doses today! That’s 1.4% of all BCers vaxxed in a day. Here’s what the age breakdown for women looks like: Men are a little bit behind, especially younger men: Statistics +317 cases, +2 deaths, +69,303 first doses (!!!), +4,155 second doses. Currently 292 in… Continue reading 2021-05-28 BC

2021-05-28 General

Variants This paper says that the antibody response from a Pfizer vax to B.1.1.7 and B.1.351 is lower, but the T-cell response is just fine. That means there will be a few more cases in a B.1.1.7- or B.1.351-rich environment, but there won’t be severe cases. A lot of people are worried about the B.1.617.2… Continue reading 2021-05-28 General

2021-05-27 BC

Variants B.1.617.2 is now dominant in the UK. This is legit something to worry about, as one dose of vax is only about half as good as two doses. Fortunately, we don’t have a lot of it in BC — yet. Press Briefing Dr. Henry said: We’ve passed 3M doses given, yay! We are changing… Continue reading 2021-05-27 BC

2021-05-27 General

Mitigation Measures Whaddayaknow, masks work. This literature review says so. Variants B.1.617.2 is now dominant in the UK. This is legit something to worry about, as one dose of vax is only about half as good as two doses. Vaccines Some scientists think that COVID-19 immunity from vaccines will last years, if not a lifetime.… Continue reading 2021-05-27 General