2021-09-28 BC

Mitigation Methods This article says that TransLink is going to put copper — which is an anti-microbial — on a lot of high-touch surfaces as part of a pilot program. This article says that the province has announced restrictions for the eastern Fraser Valley in response to surging cases there. The province also said that… Continue reading 2021-09-28 BC

2021-09-25/26/27 BC

Mitigation Measures Apparently there has been a cap, instituted because COVID-19, on the fees that delivery services are allowed to charge restaurants: 15% on deliveries and 5% on related administration (like web sites, credit card processing, etc.) The province has now extended that cap until 31 Dec. The dude who got busted for setting up… Continue reading 2021-09-25/26/27 BC

2021-09-24 BC

Hospitalizations There was been disgruntled chatter in the previous few days about how the province is not reporting people in hospital in the COVID-19 briefings if the person is no longer COVID-19 positive. Something I realized is that it would be tricky to give the number. What if someone goes to the hospital for a… Continue reading 2021-09-24 BC

2021-09-23 BC

Testing This article says that yesterday was a record-breaking testing day, especially in Abbotsford. 45% of today’s cases were in Fraser. Reporting For some reason, the fact that the province only counts people who are currently contagious with COVID-19 in their hospitalization numbers is getting attention right now. The policy means that we don’t know… Continue reading 2021-09-23 BC

2021-09-22 BC

Schools This article says that according to a parent-run Facebook page called BC School COVID Tracker, there have been at least 183 exposures at 117 B.C. schools and child-care facilities over the last three weeks. This article says an elementary school in Chiliwack has suspended in-person classes and gone to virtual because of rising case… Continue reading 2021-09-22 BC

2021-09-21 BC

Press Briefing I did not watch the press briefing, but I got information from other sources about what they said. This article says they said things are pretty dire in Northern Health Authority. There are only 5 nurses filling 20 positions in Fort St. John, for example. They have already flown 12 patients out of… Continue reading 2021-09-21 BC

2021-09-20 BC

There might have been lots of interesting news today, but I’ve been busy all day and haven’t seen any of it. More later. Statistics Fri/Sat: +644 casesSat/Sun: +613 casesSun/Mon: +435 cases 11 deaths over the weekend, average of +5,433 first doses, +6,571 second doses. Currently 307 in hospital / 156 in ICU, 5,608 active cases,… Continue reading 2021-09-20 BC

2021-09-17 BC

Schools Parents entered a school in the Interior and caused a lockdown. This tweet says that schools starting didn’t seem to cause a big spike in cases in children, but there is chatter on Twitter that parents are having trouble getting their kids tested. There’s also chatter that a rhinovirus is going around. Projections The… Continue reading 2021-09-17 BC

2021-09-16 BC

Statistics +706 cases, +4 deaths, +7,135 first doses, +7,335 second doses. Currently 291 in hospital / 134 in ICU, 5,844 active cases, 169,083 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 86.8% 79.7% of over-12s 86.3% 78.8% of all BCers 78.5% 71.6% The province has now given 4,004,302 first doses, yay! Charts From this tweet thread:

2021-09-15 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that when Dr. Gustafson today talked to family doctors, she said several things which indicate a more laissez-faire attitude towards the pandemic. Contact tracing has already been scaled back, children with a sniffle can go to classes if they test negative, exposed vaccinated people do not need to isolate, and… Continue reading 2021-09-15 BC