2021-06-14 BC

Vaccines I’m a little late reporting this, but apparently Canada paid a premium to get some Pfizer doses early. Money very well spent, I say. Mitigation measures Playland has re-opened. 🙂 Press Briefing Today, Premier Horgan, Dr. Henry, Minister Dix, Minister Mark, and Minister Kahlon had a press conference to talk about the Stage 2… Continue reading 2021-06-14 BC

2021-06-10 BC

Press Briefing I found the briefing kind of dull. Much of it was slides with information that was already posted in the Weekly Data Summary. Go read that, you’ll get most of it. The headline is that we’re doing well: case counts and hospitalizations are going down, deaths are low and stable, and we’re vaxxing… Continue reading 2021-06-10 BC

2021-06-07 BC

Vaccinations This article mentions that some pharmacies which gave first doses of AZ are not going to give second doses of AZ. It is not clear where/how people who got first doses at such pharmacies should get their second doses. BC pharmacy association says you should expect your pharmacy to contact you about a second… Continue reading 2021-06-07 BC

2021-06-03 BC

Vaccinations A friend of mine who lives in Surrey got his invitation to book his second dose, and everywhere in Fraser Health was booked through the end of JULY! (He ended up getting a slot on 20 June at the Convention Centre in downtown Van.) It’s not clear, however, if there were appointments which got… Continue reading 2021-06-03 BC

2021-05-30/31 BC

The news has been slow, I think in part because the US has a long weekend, but also because COVID-19 is generally receding as a major issue, certainly in the US but also somewhat in Canada. Variants On Thursday, Dr. Henry nonchalantly announced that they were dropping the dose interval from 16 weeks to 8… Continue reading 2021-05-30/31 BC

2021-05-27 BC

Variants B.1.617.2 is now dominant in the UK. This is legit something to worry about, as one dose of vax is only about half as good as two doses. Fortunately, we don’t have a lot of it in BC — yet. Press Briefing Dr. Henry said: We’ve passed 3M doses given, yay! We are changing… Continue reading 2021-05-27 BC

2021-05-25 BC

Vaccinations BC is changing the interval between first and second doses from 112 days/16 weeks to 50 days/~7 weeks for Pfizer. That means almost all 70+ will be eligible right away. Unfortunately, a lot of the 70+ yos are not in the system right now. Age Cohort size Registrations (by last week) % registered 70-79… Continue reading 2021-05-25 BC

2021-05-20 BC

Vaccines There is a vaccine mix&match study that you can participate in, here, in BC! The clinical trial details are: 1 or 4 months between doses BNT-Pfizer, Moderna, AZ Matched vax for each schedule change (but AZ will only be 4 months) Alternating for each combo (except AZ will only ever be dose 1) Press… Continue reading 2021-05-20 BC

2021-05-10 BC

Vaccine Clinics I missed it on 6 May, but restaurant workers over 18 can now get immunized on the occupation track. Everyone over 18 who lives in a hotspot can now get a vax! Press Briefing In addition to the stats (see below), Dr. Henry said: Regarding the data leak, the primary primary most important… Continue reading 2021-05-10 BC