2021-06-22 BC

Vaccine Clinics

There are some drop-in clinics in VCH for first doses (second doses if you are over 70).


The Surrey School district did not send any exposure notices home with kids yesterday, for the first time this school year. Yay!

A study shows that BC teachers have exactly the same seropositivity rate as non-teachers.


I found today’s briefing to be really dull. About the only things which I hadn’t already heard were:

  • We crossed 1M second doses, yay!
  • There had been a “data glitch” in the AZ vax rates such that most of the weekend vax did not get into the system. There weren’t about 400 doses per day over the weekend, there were more like 3600 doses per day.
  • The Pfizer shipment of about 327K hasn’t arrived yet.
  • When Dr.H was asked if we could get to 80% fully vaxxed by August, she said yes except that she wanted to make sure we had a good interval between first and second doses, so if someone a few people get their first doses late, they might not get the second dose by August.
  • The feds will be sending us an additional 10K of AZ this week. They didn’t say where it was coming from.
  • When asked if they would give AZ as a second dose (to use it up) to people who got mRNA as a first dose, there was a pretty emphatic no. “Unless they had an allergy to the mRNA vaccine.”
  • Through the end of May, the rate of disease in unvaxxed people was:
    • Unvaccinated: about 86/100K
    • After dose 1: 29/100K
    • 1 week after dose 2: 15/100K
  • They were soliciting suggestions for where to put popup clinics in the North. Email to covid-19@northernhealth.ca.


Today: +56 cases, +0 deaths, +9,700 fist doses, +65,791 second doses.

Currently 111 in hospital / 41 in ICU, 1,150 active cases, 143,579 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
all BCers68.8%19.6%

We have 493,757 doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 8.4 days at last week’s rate. We have given more than we’d received by 7 days ago.

We have 416,290 mRNA doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 7.1 days at last week’s rate. We have given more mRNA doses than we’d received by 4 days ago.

There was a data glitch over the weekend; instead of about 400 doses/day, it was more like 3500 doses per day.

We have 77,467 AZ doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 16.3 days at last week’s rate.