2021-07-24/25/26 BC

Long COVID According to this article, BC is opening four Long COVID clinics. Statistics Friday: +94 casesSaturday: +79 casesSunday: +94 cases Over the weekend, +1 death. Currently 43 in hospital / 17 in ICU, 695 active cases, 146,636 recovered. 75.9% of the people who got a first dose have gotten a second dose. first doses… Continue reading 2021-07-24/25/26 BC

2021-07-23 BC

Vaccinations This article says that 78%/18%/4% of the cases between June 15 and July 15 were in in people who had zero/one/two doses. I’m not sure these figure really tells us anything interesting. These numbers doesn’t tell us about how severe those cases were and the number of vaccinations went up very quickly during this… Continue reading 2021-07-23 BC

2021-07-23 General

Vaccines This article says that data from Israel shows that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against infection (not against severe disease!) might be waning. Take that with a big grain of salt, however. There are a number of reasons why this should not be scary to you, even if you got the Pfizer vax.… Continue reading 2021-07-23 General

2021-07-22 BC

Vaccinations There will be a pop-up vax clinic at Playland this weekend. Statistics Cases are rising. It’s not just noise in the system, they really are rising. I have the sense that we are in a good space right now: case counts are low, most eligible people are double-vaccinated, and two doses our vaccines work… Continue reading 2021-07-22 BC

2021-07-22 General

Variants This article suggests that one reason why Quebec is seeing so few Delta cases compared to other provinces is because they’ve got more of something else: A.2.5, first seen in Central America. It’s not a VOC yet, but they are keeping their eye on it. Vaccines This study of Pfizer found that neutralizing antibodies… Continue reading 2021-07-22 General

2021-07-21 BC

Statistics +78 cases, +0 deaths, +5,241 first doses, +58,252 second doses (including 220 AZ). Currently 48 in hospital / 16 in ICU, 729 active cases, 146,142 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 81.1% 59.0% of over-12s 80.1% 55.6% of all BCers 72.9% 50.6% We have 844,511 doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in… Continue reading 2021-07-21 BC

2021-07-21 General

Mitigation Measures This article reports that the land borders to the US will stay closed to non-essential travel until at least 21 August. American tourists will be able to come here, but Canadian tourists won’t be able to go there by land. (Canadians can still fly to the US with a negative test. The US… Continue reading 2021-07-21 General

2021-07-20 BC

There was a noticeable uptick in cases today. While the province did forecast that cases would go up a bit before they went down, it still makes me very nervous. Statistics +76 cases, +0 deaths, +4,816 first doses, +55,512 second doses. Currently 50 in hospital / 12 in ICU, 692 active cases, 146,099 recovered. first… Continue reading 2021-07-20 BC

2021-07-20 General

Vaccines This article had this stunning graphic of the difference in mortality in the UK due to vaccines: This article reports that vaccines might re-activate dormant chickenpox, leading to shingles. If you are over 50, get a shingles shot! Mitigation Measures This article says that some restrictions in long-term care homes have been lifted. Visits… Continue reading 2021-07-20 General