2021-10-07 BC

Seroprevalence This article says that the number of cases in young people is probably two or three times higher than the official statistics. Statistics +624 cases, +4 deaths, +5,216 first doses, +7,022 second doses. Currently 373 in hospital / 132 in ICU, 5,929 active cases, 183,406 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 89.0% 82.8%… Continue reading 2021-10-07 BC

2021-10-07 General

Long COVID This study from the UK found: there were subtle differences in T cells which correlated strongly (but not perfectly) with having Long COVID; giving histamine receptor antagonists made 72% of them better (!!!); something which the histamine receptor antagonists never helped was dysautonomia, which suggests that there is some different mechanism causing that.… Continue reading 2021-10-07 General

2021-10-06 BC

Statistics Today: +752 cases, +9 deaths, +5,521 first doses, +8,336 second doses. Currently 350 in hospital / 136 in ICU, 5,945 active cases, 182,786 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 88.9% 82.7% of over-12s 88.4% 81.9% of all BCers 80.6% 74.5% Charts

2021-10-05 BC

Press Briefing At today’s press briefing, Dr. Henry and/or Minister Dix said: Moar boosters! They are expanding the booster program to the clinically extremely vulnerable. Dr.H rattled off a long list of conditions which would make you eligible, including but not limited to solid organ transplant, getting chemo or radiation, genetically immunocompromised, taking certain immunosuppressants,… Continue reading 2021-10-05 BC

2021-10-04 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: +617 casesSat/Sun: +707 casesSun/Mon: +662 cases Over the weekend, +10 deaths, average +4,169 first doses, average +6,226 second doses. Currently 326 in hospital / 142 in ICU, 5,986 active cases, 181,304 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 88.7% 82.3% of over-12s 88.2% 81.6% of all BCers 80.4% 74.2% Charts

2021-10-01 General

Vaccines Today, during a BC Ministry of Health press conference about something else, Dr. Henry got a question about when little kids’ vaccinations (ages 5-11). Dr. Henry said that Pfizer had submitted (or was about to submit?) data for the study, which had a new formulation: 1/3 of the adult active ingredient (10 mg vs.… Continue reading 2021-10-01 General

2021-10-01 BC

Assholes This article says that three men were arrested for not only not wearing masks on BC Ferries, but threatening to fight other passengers who asked them to wear masks. Transmission This study in BC covering 13 September 2020 through 19 Feb 2021 says public health orders caused an immediate drop in contact rates and,… Continue reading 2021-10-01 BC