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Charts Jeff’s wastewater charts seem to show that COVID-19 levels are declining verrrrry slowly, maybe: They still are not good, however. You’ll note that the levels are currently higher than they were during any of the pre-Omicron waves.

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week ending 2022-08-11 General

Mitigation Measures This paper from eastern Massachusetts found that school districts which dropped mask mandates right away had 44 cases of COVID-19 per 1000 students/staff (accounting for 30% of cases) compared to schools which kept masks. (Before they were allowed to drop mask mandates, the case rates were similar.) Here’s a Twitter thread with an… Continue reading week ending 2022-08-11 General

week ending 2022-08-04 BC

Unexpected Consequences This article reports that bike riders hospitalized because of accidents went up ~25% in the first year of the pandemic, despite all-hospitalizations-from-accidents going down slightly and car traffic decreasing by 25%. (Bicycle traffic increased by 48%, so some of the increase in accidents could certainly be from more bikes on the road as… Continue reading week ending 2022-08-04 BC

week ending 2022-08-04 General

Variants The current data, while confusing and somewhat contradictory, at least shows that our wave is not getting lots worse, and might even be going down. This seems really strange, when compared to how many other jurisdictions have gotten hammered. According to this blog post, the US had large shares of BA.2.12.1 — which shares… Continue reading week ending 2022-08-04 General

2022-07-29 BC tiny

Charts From my buddy Jeff’s spreadsheet using data from Metro Van COVID levels in wastewater:

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week ending 2022-07-28 BC

Well, things look better than I had expected. Maybe. Still not good, but maybe we’re plateauing? Going down? Positivity is still going up, but multiple other metrics are looking good. Statistics This week’s BC CDC weekly report (with data through 23 July) said that in the week ending on 23 July there were: +921 cases, +222… Continue reading week ending 2022-07-28 BC

2022-07-22 BC tiny

Charts From my buddy Jeff’s COVID-19 levels in Metro Van wastewater spreadsheet: I’m not really sure what to make of it. Being stable? Going up? Going down? Hard to tell.

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