2021-03-17 BC

Vax Clinic Logistics I escorted a friend to the clinic at Creekside Community Centre in Vancouver today. Here is what I learned about the logistics. Yesterday, my friend escorted her slightly older husband to the same clinic, and she said there were far fewer people. Today, the line was much longer — in part because… Continue reading 2021-03-17 BC

2021-03-16 BC

Local Teams A BC company has developed a nasal spray which you take shortly after you catch COVID and it keeps you from getting very sick! Go BC! A Canadian vaccine, Medicago, has entered Phase 3 trials. Go Canada! Statistics Zero deaths again today in BC! Today: +556 cases, +0 deaths, +15,403 first doses, +11… Continue reading 2021-03-16 BC

2021-03-15 BC

Mitigation Measures Because of COVID, the province made legal takeout/delivery sales of alcohol alongside the purchase of a meal. They just made that rule permanent. Many people have wondered what long-term effects the pandemic would have, and I promise you “takeout/delivery alcohol sales” was not on my list or any list I saw. Press Briefing… Continue reading 2021-03-15 BC

2021-03-12 BC

Statistics Today: +648 cases, +0 deaths, +10 cases of B.1.1.7, +0 cases of B.1.351, +0 cases of P.1, +13,952 first doses, +15 second doses. Currently 255 in hospital / 67 in ICU, 5,070 active cases, 9,155 under monitoring, 80,325 recovered. This is the first day since 5 November 2020 that there have been no COVID… Continue reading 2021-03-12 BC

2021-03-11 BC

Statistics Today: +569 cases, +8 cases of B.1.1.7, +3 cases of B.1.351, +0 cases of P.1, +11,402 first doses, +49 second doses, +3 deaths. Currently 244 in hospital / 68 in ICU, 4,912 active cases, 8,989 under monitoring, 79,829 recovered. Charts

2021-03-10 BC

Daily Statistics Today: +531 cases, +1 death, +11,937 first doses, +22 second doses. Newly reported +50 cases of B.1.1.7, +0 cases of B.1.351, +1 case of P.1. Currently 244 people in hospital / 66 in ICU, 4,861 active cases, 9,051 under monitoring, 79,309 recovered. Call Centre NOTE: People over 85 can call tomorrow to make… Continue reading 2021-03-10 BC

2021-03-09 BC

Statistics Today: +550 cases including +167 of B.1.1.7, +2 of B.1.351, +13 of P.1), +2 deaths, +10,041 first doses, +13 second doses. Currently 249 in hospital / 68 in ICU, 4,869 active cases, 8,971 under monitoring, 78,770 recovered. Prince Rupert The province is going to vaccinate everyone in Prince Rupert with the Moderna vaccine before… Continue reading 2021-03-09 BC

2021-03-05 BC

Vaccine Clinics A friend of mine who is hospital-adjacent tells me that he got a message yesterday telling him that vax would be available today for people like my friend who work in the hospital but who are not health-care workers. (I presume this includes people like janitors, laundry staff, and the woman who runs… Continue reading 2021-03-05 BC

2021-03-04 BC

VOCs There are more and more VOCs in BC. Today, they announced 42 more B.1.17 cases and 4 more B.1.351 cases. Four people in hospital have VOCs; two recent deaths were from VOCs. Dr. Henry advocates keeping calm, but I think this warrants some concern. Vaccine supply Next week, BC should be getting about 60K… Continue reading 2021-03-04 BC

2021-03-03 BC

Vaccine Supply Canada got its first shipment of 500,000 doses of the Serum Institute of India-branded AstraZeneca vaccine today, but it hasn’t made it to BC yet. Statistics Today: +542 cases, +7 deaths, +1 B.1.351, +17 B.1.1.7, +6,548 first doses, +79 second doses. Currently 246 in hospital / 64 in ICU, 4,654 active cases, 8,617… Continue reading 2021-03-03 BC