2021-05-06 BC

My computer is in the shop today, so I’m writing this up on my inferior computers. Thus it’s going to be shorter today (and probably for the next six days).


The Vancouver Sun published some leaked data from the provincial public health, showing much more detail in geographic area and demographics than what they had been releasing. Ooops.

Press Briefing

Highlights from today:

  • Case counts and hospitalizations are going down, whew, but they aren’t down far enough.
  • Yay Pfizer has been approved for over-12s, but we haven’t decided yet exactly how we are going to vax them. We’ll let you know.
  • We are still paying a LOT of attention to Surrey. We’re putting kiosks in gurdwaras and malls and grocery stores. We haven’t quite started going door-to-door yet, but that’s not too far outside our thinking.
  • Surrey has gotten more vax per person than anywhere else, but it also has the biggest challenges: lots of essential workers, biggest population, high density, and multi-generational households.
  • It would be nice to do an all-of-community vax of Surrey like we did with Whistler and Prince Rupert, but it’s just too goddam big.
  • We have gotten 178K registrations in the past three days, so we are doing something right, but we must do more.
  • A 40 y/o woman from the Interior got a blood clot after getting an AZ dose. She noticed the symptoms, contacted her provider, who recognized what needed to be done, got her a blood test, and so caught it early. She’s getting treatment in a hospital. We knew there was a risk, but we know how to recognize it, how to test for it, and how to treat it. Clinicians have been made aware. The system is working.
  • If you got AZ, then in the 4-28 days afterwards, if you have a severe persistent headache, or swelling or redness in a limb, or abdominal or chest pain, get help right away.
  • We have seen the initial data from the UK mix&match study, and we are not going to tell you what it said, but we will tell you that we will give everybody who got a first dose of AZ the option of either getting another AZ or getting an mRNA.
  • REGISTER REGISTER REGISTER!!! It not only helps you get a shot ASAP, but it helps us manage the clinics — to figure out how much we need to send where.
  • REGISTER REGISTER REGISTER!!! We are going to start moving down the age cohorts VERY fast now. NB: he’s REALLY not kidding. We have a half a million doses (ish) on hand right now, and more is coming. We’re going to do AT LEAST a full decade of birth years per week.
  • We gave 52K vaccinations yesterday, and we can do more. We have the capacity to do more than 20K vaccinations per day in FH. That works out to about 57K/day in all of BC, which is close to what we did yesterday.

Mass Vax Clinics

Dix tweeted today new booking dates when you will be contacted to book:

  • 46 and over: 7 May after 7 pm
  • 43 and over: 9 May after 7 pm
  • 40 and over: 11 May after 7 pm


+694 cases, +1 death, +50,054 first doses, +2212 second doses.

Currently 457 in hospital / 154 in ICU, 6802 active cases, 125025 recovered.

We have 334,144 doses in the fridges; we’ll use it in 9.5 days at last week’s rate. We’ve used as much as we’d gotten 7 days ago. 282,733

We have mRNA doses in the fridges; we’ll use it in 9.2 days at last week’s rate; We’ve used as much as we’d gotten by 7 days ago.

We have 51411 doses of AZ in the fridges, which we will use up in 11.4 days at today’s rate.