2021-05-06 General

My computer is in the shop, and working with my other computers is extremely painful, so these posts are likely to be shorter in the next six days. I particularly am likely to skip posting many “oh look, vaccines again show that they are really effective!” unless it is against a VOC.


There was an outbreak of B.1.617 (the “Indian variant”) a week after they got their second dose of AZ (so too soon for full full full immunity); there were four hospitalizations but no deaths. Conclusion: AZ works against B.1.617.


A Moderna press release says that their COVID vax has gotten really good results in a study of teens. That same release mentions they are also working on a fridge-stable version of the vaccine (!!!) and mentions a shitton of other mRNA vaccines they are working on, including HIV, Epstein-Barr virus, Zika, and Nipah, as well as several different types of cancer. Messenger RNA vaccines are AMAZING!!


Coughing generates lots of aerosols. I should have had that on my list yesterday of situations where aerosol transmission is more likely.


This article says that worldwide COVID-19 deaths have been undercounted by like a factor of 2. It says that almost a million deaths due to COVID-19 have happened just in the US.

IP Waivers

This article says that Intellectual Property waivers are a nice symbolic gesture, but won’t actually help get more vax out into the world until maaaaybe 2022. Manufacturing capability, knowhow, and raw materials are more important.