2021-05-19 BC


It looks likely that the 12-16 year-olds will be vaccinated at the mass vaccination clinics — apparently it is now technically possible to now register them online. However, we won’t really know what’s up until tomorrow’s press briefing at 2pm tomorrow.

The BCCDC Weekly Data Summary has a nice graph of the vaccination progress:

Mitigation Measures

Mounties are going to beef up their checkpoints over the Victoria Day weekend.


+511 cases, +8 deaths, +62,562 first doses (but yesterday’s numbers were too low due to a data goof), +3,409 second doses (290 of which were AZ).

Currently 340 in hospital / 118 in ICU, 4,815 active cases, 133,985 recovered.

We have 459,733 doses in the fridges ; we’ll us it in 9.0 days at last week’s rate.

We’ve given more doses than we’d gotten by 9 days ago.

We have 330,880 mRNA doses in the fridges ; we’ll use it in 6.5 days at last week’s rate.

We have 403,900 doses of AZ in the fridges, which we’re holding for second doses.