2021-03-19 BC

Statistics Today: +737 cases, +2 deaths, +24,438 first doses, +19 second doses, +54 cases of B.1.1.7 found, +0 cases of B.1.351, +14 of P.1. Currently 292 in hospital / 85 in ICU, 5,207 active cases, 9,412 under monitoring,84,078 recovered. Charts Another record day for vaccinations! For the third day in a row!

2021-03-17 BC

Vax Clinic Logistics I escorted a friend to the clinic at Creekside Community Centre in Vancouver today. Here is what I learned about the logistics. Yesterday, my friend escorted her slightly older husband to the same clinic, and she said there were far fewer people. Today, the line was much longer — in part because… Continue reading 2021-03-17 BC

2021-03-16 BC

Local Teams A BC company has developed a nasal spray which you take shortly after you catch COVID and it keeps you from getting very sick! Go BC! A Canadian vaccine, Medicago, has entered Phase 3 trials. Go Canada! Statistics Zero deaths again today in BC! Today: +556 cases, +0 deaths, +15,403 first doses, +11… Continue reading 2021-03-16 BC

2021-03-15 BC

Mitigation Measures Because of COVID, the province made legal takeout/delivery sales of alcohol alongside the purchase of a meal. They just made that rule permanent. Many people have wondered what long-term effects the pandemic would have, and I promise you “takeout/delivery alcohol sales” was not on my list or any list I saw. Press Briefing… Continue reading 2021-03-15 BC

2021-03-14 BC

Vaccination Clinics BC is accelerating the dates when people over 80 can book appointments. Instead of all the 80-84 year-olds being able to call in starting Monday 22 April, they are being allowed to call in on this schedule: Monday 15 April: age 84 and over Tuesday 16 April: age 83 and over Wednesday 17… Continue reading 2021-03-14 BC

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2021-03-13 BC

VOCs This preprint covering research through 1 March 2021 talks about finding VOCs in BC. They took 31,833 COVID+ samples, then ran them through the VOC screening to find 2,430 candidates that they then sent through whole-genome sequencing (WGS). The WGS found: 57 cases of B.1.1.7, 7 cases of B.1.351, and 13 cases of P.1… Continue reading 2021-03-13 BC

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2021-03-12 BC

Statistics Today: +648 cases, +0 deaths, +10 cases of B.1.1.7, +0 cases of B.1.351, +0 cases of P.1, +13,952 first doses, +15 second doses. Currently 255 in hospital / 67 in ICU, 5,070 active cases, 9,155 under monitoring, 80,325 recovered. This is the first day since 5 November 2020 that there have been no COVID… Continue reading 2021-03-12 BC

2021-03-11 BC

Statistics Today: +569 cases, +8 cases of B.1.1.7, +3 cases of B.1.351, +0 cases of P.1, +11,402 first doses, +49 second doses, +3 deaths. Currently 244 in hospital / 68 in ICU, 4,912 active cases, 8,989 under monitoring, 79,829 recovered. Charts

2021-03-11 Modelling Briefing

Today there was a press briefing about modelling (slides, video). New Orders REVISION TO ORDERS: you can now meet up with up to ten friends outside. No change to indoors restrictions. Also: St. Patrick’s Day drinking has essentially been cancelled. Dr. Dix reminded us that it’s been one year since WHO declared a pandemic. Dr.… Continue reading 2021-03-11 Modelling Briefing