2021-06-19/20 BC

Vaccination Clinics

There are pop-up vax clinics in the Interior for first doses.

A vax-a-thon in Surrey over the weekend gave 7000 shots!

This is an interesting article about vaccine hesitancy in Richmond. While the vax rate is now on par with the rest of the province, it was significantly lower for a while. The article says these were contributing factors:

  • Unrealistic expectations. “If it’s not 100%, why bother?”
  • Misinformation, especially from Hong Kong, saying that people with various conditions (e.g. diabetes or heart disease) should not get vaccinated.
  • In mid-March, the Chinese government made entry to the country more difficult for people who did not get Chinese-made vaccines. (That’s since been changed, so Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson&Johnson are now treated the same as Chinese vaccines for entry purposes.)
  • There were a lot of homebound seniors who didn’t know that the shots could come to them.


WorkSafeBC has processed more COVID-19 claims in 2021 than it did in all of 2020.

Restaurants say they are having trouble finding staff. It also sounds like there are distribution chain problems, sort of the reverse of the residential toilet paper shortage/commercial toilet paper glut at the beginning of the pandemic.