2021-06-20 General


I have been scaremongering about Delta, saying it is more transmissible, causes more severe cases, and is transmitted more in schools. I apparently need to back off a little bit.

Delta is more transmissible, that’s uncontestable.

This very interesting tweet thread says that the data does not support there being more transmission in schools. The author (who also worked on that specific Public Health England data, so he knows what he’s talking about) says that with case counts being lower, it has been possible to do more intensive scrutiny in schools, so it shows up in the data more. He does not say that there is not higher transmission in schools, he is saying that the data doesn’t support it. (That thread is also interesting from an epistemological standpoint, recommended.)

Meanwhile, hospitalization stays are now shorter than they were during the England’s second wave (which was mostly Alpha). It’s a little tricky to tell because:


They are starting to see more cases of heart inflammation in boys after vaccinations.