2021-09-02 BC

Press Briefing There was a surprise briefing which I did not watch. Mostly it was on new mitigation measures for the Northern Health Authority: Personal gatherings in your home – one additional family or 5 guests Personal gatherings outside your home – maximum 50 people Indoor events – have a safety plan (the organizer should… Continue reading 2021-09-02 BC

2021-08-31 BC

Treatments This article says that it’s not just Americans being stupid: some feed stores in BC are seeing a run on ivermectin (a dewormer which the fringe right has decided is a good treatment for COVID-19, all scientific evidence to the contrary). Press Briefing Most of the time spent at the briefing was going over… Continue reading 2021-08-31 BC

2021-08-12 BC

Long-Term Care Homes Today there was a press briefing where Dr. Henry/Minister Dix announced new orders for Long-Term Care Homes. They said that they were hoping that they could cope with unvaccinated workers by testing them frequently and having more stringent PPE requirements for them. Delta had other ideas, apparently, so they are now mandating… Continue reading 2021-08-12 BC

2021-08-09 BC

Press Briefing I didn’t actually watch the press briefing, but this tweet says that there wasn’t much news aside from that the province is now allowing a second dose at 4 weeks across the province. (They had shortened the interval in the Okanagan.) Mitigation Measures The Americans are coming! This article says that there was… Continue reading 2021-08-09 BC

2021-08-06 BC

Press Briefing The briefing focused on mitigation measures for the Central Okanagan, where 60% of the province’s cases are. I want to know what we’re doing about the OTHER 40%, but I guess I have to wait. Of course, everybody emphasized that everybody needs to get vaccinated. DrH said that this is driven mostly by… Continue reading 2021-08-06 BC

2021-08-05 BC

Press Briefing I’m going to summarize the briefing tersely today. The presentation section was them talking about the success of Walk-In Wednesday. Dix and Henry looked happy. If you look at the numbers, the numbers don’t actually look that great. Sure, 8K is better than 4K in relative terms, but it’s not that much in… Continue reading 2021-08-05 BC

2021-07-27 BC

Press Briefing Minister Dix, Dr. Henry, and Dr. Ballem (head of the immunization project) had a relatively low-information-content briefing today. They emphasized that the next two weeks are critical. (Note that they say that about every time period.) I’d like to point out in passing, I’m sure that this doesn’t have anything to do with… Continue reading 2021-07-27 BC