2022-01-25 BC

Press Conference Here’s what I thought was new and interesting from today’s press conference: The case growth rate is dropping, but there are still lots of people sick. The vax card program is being extended to 30 June 2022 for people over 12. If we are in “a better place” before then, they might drop… Continue reading 2022-01-25 BC

2022-01-21 BC

NOTE: I had been grabbing the number of tests from the wrong place on the BC CDC dashboard, which meant that my positivity numbers were wrong. I’ll go back and fix blog posts retroactively, but among the charts below is a rolling 7-day average of positivity from the BC CDC dashboard. Transmission I’ve gotten some… Continue reading 2022-01-21 BC

2022-01-18 BC

Press Briefing Here’s what they said which I found new and interesting: The Orders about bars and nightclubs being closed and performances being at half-capacity have been extended until 16 Feb. Funerals and weddings can still go on as always, but the parties associated with them are still restricted. COVID Safety Plan requirements and vax… Continue reading 2022-01-18 BC

2022-01-14 BC

Press Briefing Today’s presser was more interesting than some recent ones (video, slides). DrH presented some good evidence that cases are dropping. She said she thought we peaked last weekend. Something I thought was interesting about this figure was they called out how VCH’s peak and London’s peaks were not pointy, saying it was because… Continue reading 2022-01-14 BC

2022-01-11 BC

Transmission In today’s BC Ministry of Health press conference, Dr. Henry said that she thought that cases were going to start to come down soon. A reporter challenged her on that, given that we only have data from South Africa, which has very different demographics. Dr.H said that the data from the UK is also… Continue reading 2022-01-11 BC

2021-12-31 BC

Press Briefing There was a press briefing today that I missed because my lazy ass was still in bed. From Twitter, apparently the high points were: They are dropping the age part of the booster eligibility priority queue (mostly) and are going to go strictly on time-based, with everybody at 6 months since their second… Continue reading 2021-12-31 BC

2021-12-29 BC

Press Briefing Stuff they said that I’m not sure I’ve mentioned before: Omicron’s incubation period — the time from infection to infectious — is about three days, vs. six for previous variants. By the time you get symptoms and get tested, it’s too late. With two doses of vax, you are much more likely to… Continue reading 2021-12-29 BC

2021-12-24 BC

NB: I have a tendency to say “we” when I am talking about BC public health. I am not employed by pub health (or actually anyone at the moment). I say “we” as a British Columbian invested in the system. It is OUR health care system. Press Briefing Testing Case counts continue to soar. Yesterday… Continue reading 2021-12-24 BC