2021-05-04 General

Vaccines Good news — we should expect immunity to COVID-19 to last a long time. This preprint says that COVID immunity lasts for at least eight months, yay! This paper found antibodies to MERS six years after infection, and this paper found antibodies to SARS after SEVENTEEN years! (SARS and MERS are both closely related… Continue reading 2021-05-04 General

2021-05-04 BC

Eligibility Pregnant people are now eligible to get vaccinated! And grocery workers in VCH and Fraser Health! Vaxxing the kids As I mentioned, the US FDA is going to approve Pfizer for 12-15 y/os next week, and Canada usually approves at about the same time as the US. How are we going to vaccinate them?… Continue reading 2021-05-04 BC

2021-05-03 General

Quarantine This article describes a quarantine loophole for Canada. If show that you had COVID already, you get to quarantine at home instead of at a quarantine hotel. Unfortunately, there’s not a standardized form for positive tests, so it would be easy to forge. Nobody knows if/how many forgeries there are. Vaccines The New York… Continue reading 2021-05-03 General

2021-05-03 BC

Vaccinations This article reports that there have been 618 cases of COVID among people more than two weeks after they got their first dose (most of whom had not gotten their second dose). That’s 0.14% of vaccinated people. 18 people died, most of them over 80. Vaccines are good, but not perfect. Events It’s not… Continue reading 2021-05-03 BC

2021-05-02 General

Vaccines You know how I keep saying we are going to have SO MUCH VAX?From an April 22 Economist article (emphasis mine): “Last week, the billionth dose of covid-19 vaccine was made. It is a sign of how greatly capacity has expanded over the past six months that the next billion could be produced by May 27th,… Continue reading 2021-05-02 General

2021-05-02 BC

Vaccine Clinics If you got an AZ dose at a pharmacy, and then got an invitation to book at the age-based clinics, don’t book. The current mitigation measures are supposed to end on 25 May. Three weeks before that is 4 May, which means that anybody vaxxed by Tuesday will have their full first-shot-immunity by… Continue reading 2021-05-02 BC

2021-05-01 General

Vaccines This graph comes from a tweet from someone I don’t know claiming to use Our World in Data data. I have not verified it, but it looks plausible: Note that 80% of the doses in Uruguay are Sinovac. Hungary uses a lot of different vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Sinopharm, Sputnik V, and… Continue reading 2021-05-01 General

2021-04-30 General

Vaccines Pfizer has shipped some vax from its US plant to Mexico. This is a big f deal. The US has huuuuuge manufacturing capacity, but the was keeping it all to itself. For all that capacity to now be able to distribute to the rest of the world means that the vax rollout everywhere else… Continue reading 2021-04-30 General

2021-04-30 BC

I’m not sure I made it obvious enough in the last post, so I’m going to say it directly. The province wants people to register so that they will know how much vax is going to be needed where and to help them plan when to move the age limit down. A more efficient vax… Continue reading 2021-04-30 BC