2021-05-02 BC

Vaccine Clinics

If you got an AZ dose at a pharmacy, and then got an invitation to book at the age-based clinics, don’t book.

The current mitigation measures are supposed to end on 25 May. Three weeks before that is 4 May, which means that anybody vaxxed by Tuesday will have their full first-shot-immunity by the time the restrictions are up.

By my calculations, by Tuesday we will have vaccinated almost two million people, double how many were vaccinated by when the restrictions started, almost 40% of the population. These are really good numbers!

Two nice charts from the Master of Charts Justin McElroy on our vaccine progress:

I’d like to point out that at BC’s worst period of the pandemic, we are still doing pretty damn well. This shit is HARD, many places have done much worse.


There is a nasty outbreak going in Peace River South — bad enough that they are in the middle of a two-week whole-of-community vaccination drive in Dawson Creek, which started last Monday (26 April) and will end on Friday (7 May).

The MLA for Peace River South and former mayor of Dawson Creek reports that he and his family all got COVID despite following All The Rules and getting vaccinated last week. Unfortunately, he caught it a few days before he got vaccinated. 🙁