2022-03-09 General

Vaccines This letter to the editor reports on the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against various things for various variants: against variant # doses VE hospitalization alpha 2 85% hospitalization delta 2 85% hospitalization delta 3 94% hospitalization omicron 2 65% hospitalization omicron 3 86% ventilation alpha 2 or 3 76% ventilation delta 2 or 3… Continue reading 2022-03-09 General


Pathology This preprint from the UK which compared brain scans made during the Alpha wave to brain scans in the same people several years prior. They found that people who had had COVID infections had more degradation in their brains (on average) than those who had not. They excluded people who had been hospitalized from… Continue reading 2022-03-05/06/07

2022-03-03 General

Vaccines You might be wondering what the holdup is with shots for toddlers and babies. After all, the Pfizer shots were effective (during the Delta regime) for the under-two babies, just not for the toddlers (presumably because the dose:weight ratio was high enough for the babies but not the toddlers). This article about the approval… Continue reading 2022-03-03 General

2022-02-24 General

Vaccines This article reports that Health Canada approved Medicago’s Covifenz, a plant-derived protein subunit vaccine. In trials, Covifenz had 71% effectiveness against Delta infection, and 100% effective against hospitalization. According to their product monograph, it is fridge-stable, but needs to be handled gently. Medicago’s vax is a virus-like particle, what I generally call a “spikey… Continue reading 2022-02-24 General

2022-02-10 General

I didn’t sleep well last night, then took a long nap today, so this is all you get today, sorry. Vaccines This preprint reports on Phase 1 studies of Patria, the Mexican version of NDV-HXP-S. (If you’ve forgotten, NDV-HXP-S was developed at a med school in New York, uses the 6-proline stabilization, and uses really… Continue reading 2022-02-10 General