2021-06-29 BC

Note: It was hot again today, so today’s postings are going to be short. I’ll try to catch up in the next few days. Mitigation Measures/Press Briefing The headline today, the major, blinking, 72-point font headline is that BC has moved to Step 3 of the Restart Plan, which takes away most of the restrictions… Continue reading 2021-06-29 BC

2021-06-25 BC

Vaccinations Here’s Justin McElroy’s weekly vax (first dose) by age charts. As always, the women are getting vaxxed more than the men. I was busy with stuff yesterday so didn’t describe my visit to the West End Community Center, escorting my favorite spouse. Observations, in no particular order: There was no waiting at all. It… Continue reading 2021-06-25 BC

2021-06-23 BC

Vaccines I have wondered how much vax is getting wasted. DrH has assured us a few times (several months ago) that it’s “very little”, but the reporters have not asked for numbers and it’s not in the data. Well, yesterday, Dix said something like “We only have around forty thousand doses of Pfizer right now”.… Continue reading 2021-06-23 BC

2021-06-17 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that the province expects schools to open in September to “near-normal”. They expect there will still be daily health checks, with sick students and teachers staying home, but no more cohorts and learning groups. It sounds like they haven’t fully decided about masks. Press Briefing Today, they said: NACI said… Continue reading 2021-06-17 BC

2021-06-15 BC

Mitigation Measures The COVID rent freeze has been extended to the end of the year. Statistics Today: +108 cases, +0 deaths, +10,521 first doses, +44,038 second doses. Currently 139 in hospital / 39 in ICU, 1,496 active cases 143,299 recovered. We have 389,675 doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 6.4 days at last… Continue reading 2021-06-15 BC

2021-06-14 BC

Vaccines I’m a little late reporting this, but apparently Canada paid a premium to get some Pfizer doses early. Money very well spent, I say. Mitigation measures Playland has re-opened. 🙂 Press Briefing Today, Premier Horgan, Dr. Henry, Minister Dix, Minister Mark, and Minister Kahlon had a press conference to talk about the Stage 2… Continue reading 2021-06-14 BC

2021-06-08 BC

Testing SFU is doing a pilot rapid-testing program. Public Health Administration This article says that the chief medical health officer of Interior Health has been arrested on sexual assault charges. Mitigation Measures Richard Zussman (who is reliable) tweets that there have been 191 tickets for failing to comply with provincial health orders on COVID, totalling… Continue reading 2021-06-08 BC

2021-06-02 BC

Mitigation Measures The Haida nation will open back up to visitors, starting at Stage 3. There was a large outdoor gathering in the Interior. (It looks like on the grand scale of things, it probably wasn’t that dangerous, but def in violation.) Fines were issued. Vaccinations This tweet says that the young adults have registered… Continue reading 2021-06-02 BC

2021-06-01 BC

Mitigation Measures (removal) The PNE is going to open after all! It’s set to open on June 11. This article says that the province is seeking to grab thousands of dollars (under civil asset forfeiture) from the guy who got busted running a nightclub in his downtown condo. Variants The BC CDC Weekly Data Summary… Continue reading 2021-06-01 BC

2021-05-22/23/24 BC

It was kind of slow over the weekend, so I’m doing three days at once. Mitigation Measures The police cleared out a crowd at English Bay beach on Friday at 10p when the beaches officially closed. Police turned back about 100 cars and fined two at travel-denying checkpoints. Those two just… didn’t stop. Vaccination I… Continue reading 2021-05-22/23/24 BC