2021-03-09 BC

Statistics Today: +550 cases including +167 of B.1.1.7, +2 of B.1.351, +13 of P.1), +2 deaths, +10,041 first doses, +13 second doses. Currently 249 in hospital / 68 in ICU, 4,869 active cases, 8,971 under monitoring, 78,770 recovered. Prince Rupert The province is going to vaccinate everyone in Prince Rupert with the Moderna vaccine before… Continue reading 2021-03-09 BC

2021-03-09 General

Long COVID There’s a good article in The Atlantic about Long COVID, which suggests that the problem is sometimes in the autonomic nervous system, and can be helped quite a bit by — no kidding — breathwork. Recommended. Influenza One strangeness of These Times is that influenza is GONE this year: zero influenza cases detected… Continue reading 2021-03-09 General

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2021-03-08 General

VOC A preprint says that people who had B.1.351 had antibodies that worked well against COVID Classic and also against P.1. This is outstanding news — it means that the counter-B.1.351 boosters being developed will work against the scaries! There is yet another study which says that, while the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines (Pfizer in… Continue reading 2021-03-08 General

2021-03-08 BC

Call Centres Today was the first day of call-in registration for appointments for indigenous people over 65 / non-indigenous people over 90, and it did not go well, especially in Vancouver Coastal Health. Health Authority Appointments booked Fraser Health 8,722 Interior Health 2,456 Vancouver Island 2,395 Northern Health 1,007 Vancouver Coastal 369 Fraser Health is… Continue reading 2021-03-08 BC

2021-03-07 BC

The Canadian allocations page has been updated, and it looks like Moderna is going to deliver 1,660,800 by the end of March, quite a bit shy of the 2M which they were supposed to deliver. (I suppose they could deliver 340K on March 29, 30, or 31, but I’m not holding my breath.) Based on… Continue reading 2021-03-07 BC

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2021-03-06 General

Treatments Fluvoxamine — an old anti-depressant — is being tested as a treatment for COVID. VOCs Yet another paper says that our vaccines (in this case, Moderna and Novavax) work against B.1.1.7.

2021-03-05 General

VOCs They found a variant of the B.1.1.7 in Oregon which developed a the same mutation as one they have found in scary variants elsewhere, the E484K mutation. Yes, this is a variant of a variant. I would like it if we came up with a different naming scheme. There’s a leaked story (hint: perhaps… Continue reading 2021-03-05 General

2021-03-05 BC

Vaccine Clinics A friend of mine who is hospital-adjacent tells me that he got a message yesterday telling him that vax would be available today for people like my friend who work in the hospital but who are not health-care workers. (I presume this includes people like janitors, laundry staff, and the woman who runs… Continue reading 2021-03-05 BC

2021-03-04 General

Vaccines Canada is probably going to approve the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in the next few days. That will make four vaccines, five if you count the Serum Institute of India’s vaccine as different from AstraZeneca. There is an article in the Economist which says that the differences in reported vaccine efficacy is really… Continue reading 2021-03-04 General

2021-03-04 BC

VOCs There are more and more VOCs in BC. Today, they announced 42 more B.1.17 cases and 4 more B.1.351 cases. Four people in hospital have VOCs; two recent deaths were from VOCs. Dr. Henry advocates keeping calm, but I think this warrants some concern. Vaccine supply Next week, BC should be getting about 60K… Continue reading 2021-03-04 BC