2022-09-03 BC tiny

Charts COVID-19 levels in wastewater are either plateauing or declining verrrrry slowly. From Jeff’s spreadsheet:

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week ending 2022-09-01 BC

Vaccines This article reports that the province expects most residents will start getting the BA.1 boosters starting in October. Note that the wording was “most residents”. There is a small amount of this vax which is going to show up in-country tomorrow, and if it is distributed proportionate to population, BC should get about 100K… Continue reading week ending 2022-09-01 BC

week ending 2022-09-01 General

Vaccines This article says that Health Canada approved a BA.1 booster from Moderna today for adults and immunocompromised children over 12. 780K are supposed to arrive in-country tomorrow, with another 10.5M at the end of September. There isn’t good data from random clinical trials in humans yet for the new bivalent vaccines. This preprint from… Continue reading week ending 2022-09-01 General