week ending 2022-07-07 BC

It’s not good, folks. The data pretty much all got worse. I don’t think this shows that we are entering another wave, I think it shows that we have been in a wave and can now see it. NOTE: I will have a longer “tiny Friday BC post” to cover whatever happens in tomorrow’s press… Continue reading week ending 2022-07-07 BC

week ending 2022-07-07 General

Long COVID This paper says that they have found a really good blood marker (IL-2 release) for Long COVID. This paper from Italy found that risk of Long COVID decreased as the number of vaccines increase. (It was still 16% with three vaccines, however, still not good.) It found that things that decreased your risk… Continue reading week ending 2022-07-07 General

2022-07-01 BC tiny

Happy Canada Day! Charts COVID-19 levels in wastewater, from my buddy Jeff: Variant chart from the BC CDC variants page: