2021-09-29 General

Testing/Diagnostics In this study, they put a wristwatch-like thing on the wrists of people who willingly allowed themselves to be infected with either rhinovirus, flu, or placebo. The wristwatch thingie was able to predict illness about a day before symptoms showed up. This could be really useful for diagnosing other respiratory infections (like ahem COVID-19).… Continue reading 2021-09-29 General

2021-09-15 General

Vaccines I mentioned a study from England yesterday which looked at waning immunity. This tweet thread looks more closely, and there’s good stuff in the report that I missed. First, here’s the original study. Yes, it looks you’ve got a significant loss in effectiveness against infection if you look at the over-sixteens, but if you… Continue reading 2021-09-15 General

2021-09-14 General

Vaccines This article has a graph of AZ and Pfizer’s effectiveness over time for old folks. It’s not pretty (but remember that they used a short dose interval, and Canada mostly used a long interval). Even for younger people, it’s not great news: This preprint says that people who have a spare tire around their… Continue reading 2021-09-14 General

2021-09-11/12/13 General

Transmission This report says that seroprevalence of COVID-19 antibodies from infection in Canadian blood donors went up to 4.5%, up from 4.0% in May. (How can they tell the difference? Vaccines only make antibodies to the spike protein, so if there are antibodies to some other part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, then it was acquired… Continue reading 2021-09-11/12/13 General

2021-08-23 General

Vaccines This Twitter thread is an excellent discussion of how to understand the “do vaccines wane” discussion. Please go read it. The US FDA today gave full approval to Pfizer, as opposed to the Emergency Use Authorization that it had given. This is important because there were entities which were not legally able to require… Continue reading 2021-08-23 General

2021-08-21/22 General

Transmission This great preprint of healthcare workers in the Netherlands finds that despite having similar PCR results for vaccinated and unvaccinated people, vaccinated people actually are less likely to have actual infectious viruses. PCR tests look for pieces of RNA, but the RNA might be fragments, it’s not necessarily whole virus which can cause infection.… Continue reading 2021-08-21/22 General