2022-05-13 BC tiny

I present to you the Friday charts. Charts From my buddy Jeff’s wastewater spreadsheet: From the federal vaccination page (they are updating every two weeks now):

Week ending 2022-04-14 BC

Testing From today’s BC COVID-19 Situation Report, wastewater COVID-19 levels are going up: Vaccines The BC CDC dashboard says that Novavax vaccines have arrived! The province is being lazy and using the J&J slot to now mean “J&J and Novavax”, but I think that the J&J never got distributed. The dashboard says that 93 of… Continue reading Week ending 2022-04-14 BC

2022-04-02/03/04 BC

Transmission This article reports that 9 of 11 cruise ships which were supposed to go to Victoria have already cancelled, probably because of COVID-19 cases. Government This article reports that Premier Horgan has COVID-19. Testing This article has things slightly garbled, I think. It says that it’s no longer required to report the results of… Continue reading 2022-04-02/03/04 BC

2022-01-28 BC

Vaccinations This article reports that a BC judge ordered that a child of divorced parents be vaccinated. (One parent wanted vax and the other did not.) Press Briefing This briefing was reeeally dull. DrH opened with, no shit, a retrospective of the pandemic. I guess it was good for reminding us of what obstacles we… Continue reading 2022-01-28 BC

2021-12-17 BC

Vaccines This article talks about how a number of vaccine clinics will be closing for the holidays. Press Briefing The big news was that the Province amended a number of Orders to make them more restrictive. They start early Monday morning and go through the end of January. From their press release, the measures include:… Continue reading 2021-12-17 BC

2021-12-14 BC

Sports This article reports that three Canucks are “in the COVID-19 protocol”, meaning they are sick or have been exposed. But wait! This article says that a fourth went into protocol IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME! Vaccines The Province reminds us that the first COVID-19 vaccine in the province was given one year ago.… Continue reading 2021-12-14 BC