2021-10-26 BC

Vaccines / Boosters I got to the briefing late, but other sources say that BC will offer booster to the general population starting in January. There’s no need to register again — you’ll get contacted (just like you were for your first and second doses) between six and eight months after your second dose. They… Continue reading 2021-10-26 BC

2021-10-08 BC

Vaccines This press release says that TransLink is mandating vaccines for its employees. They have until 29 Nov to get vaxxed. Statistics Today: +743 cases, +5 deaths, +9,573 first doses, +6,571 second doses. Currently 360 in hospital / 137 in ICU, 5,969 active cases, 184,121 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 89.1% 83.0% of… Continue reading 2021-10-08 BC

2021-09-10 BC

Mitigation Measures To nobody’s surprise, someone is suing the province over the vax passport. Vaccines It’s Friday, and that means we get vaccination rate by age charts, for both one dose and two doses. This data is through 4 September: Again: YAY TEENS and wtf fifty-somethings? Statistics +820 cases, +9 deaths, +6,629 first doses, +6,446… Continue reading 2021-09-10 BC

2021-09-03 BC

Mitigation Measures According to this article, it’s not that fast food restaurants have a blanket exemption from the mask mandate: takeout is exempted. Vaccines It’s Friday! That means there’s updates to the vax uptake by age over time, first and second doses: I have to say GO TEENS! And also, wth, 50-somethings? What are you… Continue reading 2021-09-03 BC

2021-08-28 BC

Vaccines From the federal COVID-19 page, these graphs show the fraction of each age cohort who have received their first and second doses, respectively:

2021-08-16 BC

Vaccination Clinics This article says that one of the North Shore vax clinics is closing due to lack of demand (noting that the North Shore has really high vax rates). Statistics Fri/Sat: +532 casesSat/Sun: +441 casesSun/Mon: +461 cases +1 death, average +3,739 first doses, average +18,575 second doses over the weekend. Currently 104 in hospital… Continue reading 2021-08-16 BC

2021-08-13 BC

Mitigation Measures It is unclear if BC Ferries passengers’ will need to be vaccinated as part of the federal mandate that various types of passengers need to be vaccinated. Vaccines It’s Friday, so there’s an update on vaccinations by age, with data through 7 August: Treatment This article warns of staffing shortages, especially among nurses.… Continue reading 2021-08-13 BC

2021-08-12 BC

Long-Term Care Homes Today there was a press briefing where Dr. Henry/Minister Dix announced new orders for Long-Term Care Homes. They said that they were hoping that they could cope with unvaccinated workers by testing them frequently and having more stringent PPE requirements for them. Delta had other ideas, apparently, so they are now mandating… Continue reading 2021-08-12 BC

2021-08-06 BC

Press Briefing The briefing focused on mitigation measures for the Central Okanagan, where 60% of the province’s cases are. I want to know what we’re doing about the OTHER 40%, but I guess I have to wait. Of course, everybody emphasized that everybody needs to get vaccinated. DrH said that this is driven mostly by… Continue reading 2021-08-06 BC

2021-07-30 BC

Vaccines From the Federal Government’s vaccine page (with data through July 24): This tweet (from a reliable reporter) gives this table but not its source: Transmission From this tweet: Variants Delta had not been a majority of the cases, but, welp, now it is. From the weekly VOC report (with data through 17 July): Statistics… Continue reading 2021-07-30 BC