2021-05-03 BC

Vaccinations This article reports that there have been 618 cases of COVID among people more than two weeks after they got their first dose (most of whom had not gotten their second dose). That’s 0.14% of vaccinated people. 18 people died, most of them over 80. Vaccines are good, but not perfect. Events It’s not… Continue reading 2021-05-03 BC

2021-04-22 BC

Press Briefing IMHO, this was the least interesting press briefing that we’ve had. Dr.H gave provisional stats, then didn’t really say much aside from telling people that things sucked in hospitals now and exhorting people to Do The Things: stay away from people, mask up, don’t travel, register to get vaccinated, etc. Surgeries postponed Dix… Continue reading 2021-04-22 BC

2021-04-15 BC

Panic!!! There is a group of people calling themselves the BC Modelling Group which released a presentation yesterday. They are quite alarmed by the rise of the VOCs, and foresee an explosion of cases. There is also a guy Eric Feigl-Ding who has also been sounding the alarm about the levels of P.1 in BC,… Continue reading 2021-04-15 BC

2021-04-12 BC

Ontario Someone asked me last week why Ontario is getting slammed and we are not, given that they have about the same daily case count and hospitalizations as we do. At that time, Ontario had about 2.3 cases per day per 10K population, vs. 2.1 cases per 10K for BC; Ontario had about 54.6 people… Continue reading 2021-04-12 BC

2021-04-01 BC

Vaccine Clinics My sources tell me that the clinic at the Vancouver Convention Centre has about 20 vaccinators, with about 6 greeters and 6 check-in people. The Province announced that workers must be given time off to take the vaccine. Supply An article about supply says: 300 kilodoses of the vax which Canada withdrew from… Continue reading 2021-04-01 BC