2021-12-07 BC

Note: There probably will not be posts on Wednesday and Thursday. Press Conference Today is kind of a busy day today, so this discussion will be somewhat abbreviated. They have now identified five Omicron cases in BC and expect there to be more. The feds had identified 204 people originally who had recently travelled to… Continue reading 2021-12-07 BC

2021-12-04/05/06 General

Variants I referenced a preprint on Friday which said that Omicron’s doubling time was 1.2 days, but everybody else seems to be saying more like 2.5 days. This makes a difference: ten doublings (which is about 1000x) is either 12 days away or 25, which means before Christmas or after Christmas. Either way, don’t plan… Continue reading 2021-12-04/05/06 General

2021-12-04/05/06 BC

Transmission This article says that there was a big cluster to a religious gathering on Vancouver Island. Mitigation Measures This article says that several BC hospitals have been getting big HVAC upgrades. According to this article, the City of Vancouver appears to have caved in the face of the police, and is letting them do… Continue reading 2021-12-04/05/06 BC

2021-12-03 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that the head coach of a Kootenay International Junior Hockey League team has been suspended and the team fined for violating the league’s vaccination policy. Statistics +405 cases, +6 deaths. Currently 276 in hospital / 95 in ICU, 3,071 active cases, 214,047 recovered. first doses second doses third doses of… Continue reading 2021-12-03 BC

2021-12-03 General

Variants I had been hearing that Omicron had a doubling rate of something like 5 days. I finally went and scraped the data for Guateng province — which is only like two-thirds Omicron right now — and calculated a doubling time of 3.1 days. Then this preprint came out (which probably has information about just… Continue reading 2021-12-03 General

20211202 BC

Assholes This article says that a woman who call herself the “Queen of Canada” and called on her 73K followers to shoot health care workers has been arrested and detailed under the Mental Health Act. I can’t tell for sure from the article, but I think she is no longer in custody. Mitigation Measures This… Continue reading 20211202 BC

20211202 General

Variants I’m seeing a lot of news stories saying things along the lines of “don’t panic, Omicron might not be as 1) lethal, 2) immune-evasive, 3) contagious as you think!” #1: For the stories about the severity of the disease, note that South Africa’s population is a LOT younger than most of the developed world… Continue reading 20211202 General

2021-12-01 BC

Statistics +375 cases, +7 deaths. Currently 301 in hospital / 98 in ICU, 2,936 active cases, 213,394 recovered. first doses second doses third doses of adults 91.6% 88.4% 10% of over-12s 91.2% 87.9% 9% of over-5s 84.8% 81.7% * of all BCers ?% ?% ?% Charts

2021-12-01 General

Transmission This article has some really cool pictures of some really really cool science. The study authors made a chemical/mechanical computer model of a virion inside an aerosol with water, lung fluid, mucous, and other crap that somebody might breathe out — 1.3 BILLION atoms worth — and then simulated it every millionth of a… Continue reading 2021-12-01 General