2021-08-31 General

Vaccines This preprint from Israel says that in the second and third weeks after a third dose of Pfizer, there was a 48-68% drop and a 70-84% drop. This preprint says: Antibody levels are similar in unvaxxed people who get symptomatic and asymptomatic infections. Antibody levels decrease over time. Antibody levels were higher in people… Continue reading 2021-08-31 General

2021-08-26 General

Side Effects This paper says that cloth masks are the worst for speech intelligibility. Use a medical mask. Long COVID This preprint from China says that: The proportion of previously hospitalized patients with COVID who had symptoms dropped from 68% at six months to 49% at 12 months. The proportion with fatigue increased slightly, from… Continue reading 2021-08-26 General

2021-08-24 General

Vaccines This thread gives a more general discussion of this preprint and says that while antibody levels in the blood, yeah, do go down for six months, the memory B cells totally rock at ramping up antibodies when needed. This thread gives a more general discussion of this preprint about waning vaccine effectiveness in Israel.… Continue reading 2021-08-24 General

2021-08-16 General

Vaccines In this preprint, they found antibody levels post-vax were (slightly) higher in women, younger people, Moderna vaccinees (vs. Pfizer), people who had prior COVID-19, and those who had significant side-effects. If I understand this table correctly, you are more likely to have significant side effects after dose 1 if you were over 60, female,… Continue reading 2021-08-16 General

2021-08-09 General

Transmission This study took COVID patients and counted the virus particles they emitted (well, RNA pieces). They found four interesting things: Being quiet keeps most of your viruses to yourself. A few people were more dangerous when talking than singing. Most of the viral load came from fine aerosol particles.  There was a huge variation… Continue reading 2021-08-09 General

2021-08-04 General

Treatments This preprint says that injecting REGEN-COV (a monoclonal antibody treatment that you might know by the name of the company, Regeneron) into people who have been exposed to COVID-19 prevents developing a symptomatic infection with efficacy of 92.6%. This is a BFD. Before, they had to give it as an infusion i.e. the patients… Continue reading 2021-08-04 General