2021-08-05 BC

Press Briefing I’m going to summarize the briefing tersely today. The presentation section was them talking about the success of Walk-In Wednesday. Dix and Henry looked happy. If you look at the numbers, the numbers don’t actually look that great. Sure, 8K is better than 4K in relative terms, but it’s not that much in… Continue reading 2021-08-05 BC

2021-08-04 BC

Mitigation Measures Today, Dr. Henry said that she thought we were absolutely on track to enter Stage 4 on 7 Sept as planned. This surprises me, to say the least. From the BC Restart website: The criteria for moving to Step 4 is more than 70% of the 18+ population vaccinated with dose 1, along… Continue reading 2021-08-04 BC

2021-08-03 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: 160 new casesSat/Sun: 196 new casesSun/Mon: 185 new casesMon/Tue: 201 new cases Over the long weekend, +1 death, an average of +3,763 first doses, +32,016 second doses per day. Currently 53 in hospital / 19 in ICU, 1,544 active cases, 147,285 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 82.3% 69.7% of over-12s 81.4%… Continue reading 2021-08-03 BC

2021-07-30 BC

Vaccines From the Federal Government’s vaccine page (with data through July 24): This tweet (from a reliable reporter) gives this table but not its source: Transmission From this tweet: Variants Delta had not been a majority of the cases, but, welp, now it is. From the weekly VOC report (with data through 17 July): Statistics… Continue reading 2021-07-30 BC

2021-07-29 BC

Hello, fourth wave. 😞 Vaccinations From the Weekly Data Summary, information about cases/hospitalizations/deaths by age between 15 June and 15 July: Between 15 June and 15 July, nobody under 80 who had been double-vaxxed died; nobody under 60 who had been double-vaxxed got hospitalized. Partly that’s because there were not many cases, but partly because… Continue reading 2021-07-29 BC

2021-07-28 BC

Transmission This article talks about the sharp rise in cases in the Central Okanagan. Mitigation Measures In response to spiking case rates, the Province has instituted some restrictions on the Central Okanagan. This article explains. Statistics +185 cases, +3 deaths, +5,321 first doses, +43,420 second doses. Currently 47 in hospital / 20 in ICU, 909… Continue reading 2021-07-28 BC

2021-07-27 BC

Press Briefing Minister Dix, Dr. Henry, and Dr. Ballem (head of the immunization project) had a relatively low-information-content briefing today. They emphasized that the next two weeks are critical. (Note that they say that about every time period.) I’d like to point out in passing, I’m sure that this doesn’t have anything to do with… Continue reading 2021-07-27 BC

2021-07-24/25/26 BC

Long COVID According to this article, BC is opening four Long COVID clinics. Statistics Friday: +94 casesSaturday: +79 casesSunday: +94 cases Over the weekend, +1 death. Currently 43 in hospital / 17 in ICU, 695 active cases, 146,636 recovered. 75.9% of the people who got a first dose have gotten a second dose. first doses… Continue reading 2021-07-24/25/26 BC

2021-07-23 BC

Vaccinations This article says that 78%/18%/4% of the cases between June 15 and July 15 were in in people who had zero/one/two doses. I’m not sure these figure really tells us anything interesting. These numbers doesn’t tell us about how severe those cases were and the number of vaccinations went up very quickly during this… Continue reading 2021-07-23 BC

2021-07-22 BC

Vaccinations There will be a pop-up vax clinic at Playland this weekend. Statistics Cases are rising. It’s not just noise in the system, they really are rising. I have the sense that we are in a good space right now: case counts are low, most eligible people are double-vaccinated, and two doses our vaccines work… Continue reading 2021-07-22 BC