2021-12-08/09/10 BC

Cases have been kind of flat for a while, and today they went up. I’ve heard speculation that there have been a fair number of holiday parties. Even if the attendees are fully vaccinated, that can’t be good for transmission.

Mitigation Measures

This article reports that worship services are being allowed again in Northern Health, but at 50% capacity of fully-vaccinated people only.


This article says that there was an outbreak at UVic, linked to partying.


Tue/Wed: +379 cases, +6 deaths

Wed/Thu: +341 cases, +9 deaths

Thu/Fri: +437 cases, +3 deaths, +6,328 first doses, +2,569 second doses, +20,894 other doses. 

Currently 211 in hospital / 72 in ICU, 2,994 active cases, 216,542 recovered.

There have been 10 cases of Omicron to date in BC.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults91.8%88.9%13%
of over-12s91.4%88.4%11%
of over-5s86.0%82.2%*
of all BCers83.8%80.0%11.1%


Here are the weekly doses by age over time charts. Yes, I can see that they are screwy. That’s how the government delivered them.