2021-11-18 BC

Statistics  +468 cases, +9 deaths, +814 first doses, 3,717 second doses, +13,625 boosters.  Currently 355 in hospital / 110 in ICU, 3,345 active cases, 208,284 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 91.2% 87.5% of over-12s 90.8% 87.0% of all BCers 82.6% 79.1% Charts

2021-11-18 General

Treatments This article talks about the good long-term results of AstraZeneca’s polyclonal antibody (brand name Evusheld). The article says it’s a two shot therapy like a vaccine, and given pre-exposure gives 83% protection over six months, sort of like a vaccine. Unlike a vaccine, however, it should work just as well in people who are… Continue reading 2021-11-18 General

2021-11-17 BC

Statistics  +324 cases, +2,533 first doses, +3,201 second doses, +12,614 other doses, +7 deaths.  Currently 379 in hospital / 109 in ICU, 3,380 active cases, 207,779 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 91.2% 87.4% of over-12s 90.7% 86.9% of all BCers 82.6% 79.0% Charts The vaccine supply figures from the BC CDC dashboard don’t… Continue reading 2021-11-17 BC

2021-11-17 General

Vaccines This study (in the US) found that for counties with vaccination rates above 40%, for each percentage increase in vaccination rate, the COVID-19 case incidence dropped by 1.5% and the death incidence dropped by 2.7%. Go vaccines! I prefer to wait until things are done-done before publishing about them, but this is important: anonymous… Continue reading 2021-11-17 General

2021-11-16 BC

Mitigation Measures This article reports that people in BC who can’t get where they need to go for essential purposes (e.g. get home, go shopping) except via the US are exempted from the test or quarantine rule on re-entry to Canada. Press Briefing At today’s briefing: Dr. H said that the province is seeing a… Continue reading 2021-11-16 BC

2021-11-16 General

Long COVID This preprint says that they found a chemical signature (elevated IL-1ß, IL-6 and TNF-α) associated with Long COVID. This is good for two reasons: it can help “prove” to doctors that the patients really have Long COVID and aren’t just lazy and it can suggest what the problem is and hence how to… Continue reading 2021-11-16 General

2021-11-13/14/15 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: +502 casesSat/Sun: +387 casesSun/Mon: +381 cases Weekend average of +5.33 deaths, +1,833 first doses, +3,578 second doses, +8,826 other doses.  Currently 376 in hospital / 116 in ICU, 3,837 active cases, 206,665 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 91.1% 87.3% of over-12s 90.7% 86.8% of all BCers 82.5% 78.9% Charts Recommended Reading… Continue reading 2021-11-13/14/15 BC

2021-11-13/14/15 General

Vaccines This article says that Novavax — once it gets approved and once the manufacturing line gets booted up in 2022 — will be produced in Montreal! The article says they expect to be able to make about 2M doses per month. This article mentions how the US’ vaccination of young children has an added… Continue reading 2021-11-13/14/15 General

2021-11-12 BC

Statistics Wed/Thu: +519 cases Thu/Fri: +473 cases Over the two days, average per day: +11.5 deaths, +1,728 first doses, +3,533 second doses, +7,582 other doses. Currently 384 in hospital / 124 in ICU, 4,265 active cases, 204,963 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 91.0% 87.1% of over-12s 90.6% 86.5% of all BCers 82.4% 78.7%… Continue reading 2021-11-12 BC

2021-11-12 General

Vaccines This article reports that Health Canada has approved half-dose Moderna as a booster for people over 18. Mitigation Measures This article says that organized crime stole relief funds in various ways. Recommended Reading In the Before Times, there were a fair number of international medical personnel stationed in Uganda. This article says that when… Continue reading 2021-11-12 General