week ending 2022-12-22 General

Pathology This paper from the USA says that the more physically active people were before catching COVID-19, the milder their case was. (If that sounds familiar, that’s because this paper from September from the USA said the same thing.) This paper from the USA found that five kids with MIS-C all had variants in a… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-22 General

week ending 2022-12-15 General

I have added a page with what to do if you get COVID-19 here. (Tl;dr: stay away from your loved ones, stay entertained, irrigate your sinuses with saline, take Paxlovid if you are over 65 or clinically extremely vulnerable, make sure you have good quality air (low in particulates, warm, and between 40% and 60%… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-15 General

week ending 2022-12-08 General

Treatments This paper from the UK reports promising results of a cheap liver drug against COVID-19 (at least, in human organs outside humans). This drug does so by reducing the number of ACE2 receptors. (This seems odd to me — I thought I kind of needed my ACE2 receptors!) This paper from Hong Kong found… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-08 General

week ending 2022-11-24 General

Mitigation Measures This press release from the Government of Canada says that all Canadians in federally regulated private workplaces (like banking, telecommunications and interprovincial transportation) get ten days of paid sick leave, starting on 1 Dec 2022. (They don’t get all ten days at once, it accrues.) About 6% of Canadians work in federally regulated… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-24 General

week ending 2022-11-17 General

Note: This week’s post will probably be a little briefer than normal because Life is happening to me. (Everything’s fine, just busy.) Vaccines This article reports that Canada has authorized using Novavax as a booster dose. From a practical standpoint, I think what that means is that the pharmacist doesn’t need to give you a… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-17 General

week ending 2022-11-10 General

Mitigation Measures This article reports that a poll found that 69% of Canadians would either support or “somewhat support” a mask mandate for indoor public spaces if there are rising case counts. In BC, 72% said they supported or “somewhat supported” such a mandate. Long COVID This paper from Germany lays at least part of… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-10 General

week ending 2022-11-03 General

Vaccines This paper from Qatar says that 2 doses of Pfizer doesn’t actually give kids much protection against Omicron infection, and the protection wanes quite quickly. 🙁 In last week’s General blog post, I gave the disappointing news that two papers found that the bivalent vaccines weren’t that much better than the monovalent boosters. There… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-03 General

week ending 2022-10-20 General

Advice A friend of mine in Seattle told me that they’d gotten COVID-19, and asked me what they should do next. What could they do to get better sooner/faster/better? How should she protect their partner? This is the advice I gave: Isolate until you test negative The US CDC says to isolate until five days… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-20 General

week ending 2022-10-13 General

There seem to be an unusually high percentage papers and articles this week which I’m bored with. Things like: Oh look, the pandemic is not over! Huh, boosters actually do work! Yes, vaccines are safe for pregnant women (and COVID-19 is really bad for pregnant women). Myocarditis in young men is a rare, mild side… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-13 General