2021-09-03 BC

Mitigation Measures

According to this article, it’s not that fast food restaurants have a blanket exemption from the mask mandate: takeout is exempted.


It’s Friday! That means there’s updates to the vax uptake by age over time, first and second doses:

I have to say GO TEENS! And also, wth, 50-somethings? What are you waiting for?


+671 cases, +3 deaths, +6,864 first doses, +7,696 second doses.

Currently 215 in hospital / 118 in ICU, 5,872 active cases, 160,268 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults85.4%78.1%
of over-12s84.8%77.1%
of all BCers77.1%70.1%

There are 359,427 people who have gotten first doses but not second doses. BC has 297,134 mRNA doses in fridges, less anything that got dropped on the floor; so we might need more. We did get a shipment of 70.2K Pfizer doses yesterday, and we’re not going to run out soon, so it’s probably okay. (There’s also about 10M available from the feds which the province can draw on.)