2021-04-27 BC

Vaccination Clinics Fraser Health opened up three pop-up AZ clinics in “hotspot communities” for people 30+ who live in those communities. At least, that’s how it was supposed to work. Apparently some places were not checking the postal codes. I don’t know if: There is a quiet policy to vaccinate anybody who comes in. The… Continue reading 2021-04-27 BC

2021-04-23 BC

Measures Today, Minister Farnsworth issued new Orders designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. For the next five weeks, people doing non-essential travel between regions will fined $575. The regions are: Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Authorities Northern and Interior Health Authorities Vancouver Island Health Authority One of my friends pointed out that this is… Continue reading 2021-04-23 BC

2021-04-22 BC

Press Briefing IMHO, this was the least interesting press briefing that we’ve had. Dr.H gave provisional stats, then didn’t really say much aside from telling people that things sucked in hospitals now and exhorting people to Do The Things: stay away from people, mask up, don’t travel, register to get vaccinated, etc. Surgeries postponed Dix… Continue reading 2021-04-22 BC

2021-04-21 BC

Vaccinations There was some confusion in the pharmacies about whether eligibility was based on age or year-of-birth. For example, if you turn 40 in November 2021, are you eligible? It’s year-of-birth, so yes. Apparently there have been 39 cases of the B.1.617 (Indian) variant in BC as of April 4. Not much is known about… Continue reading 2021-04-21 BC

2021-04-20 BC

Hospitalizations Buried in yesterday’s slides (on p.15) was information about hospitalizations: there were 1014 cases from December and 862 cases from March.  The slides said that the month was when the case was reported, not when the patient was hospitalized, which means that I can compare against the number of cases reported that month! In… Continue reading 2021-04-20 BC

2021-04-16 BC

Supply Bad news, good news, and awesome news. Bad news: Moderna fell down on supply again, telling us that they will only ship half as much next week as they promised, so shorting BC by 78 kilodoses. (We are still waiting on a shipment of 106K this week, we’ll see if it comes through.) Good… Continue reading 2021-04-16 BC

2021-04-15 BC

Panic!!! There is a group of people calling themselves the BC Modelling Group which released a presentation yesterday. They are quite alarmed by the rise of the VOCs, and foresee an explosion of cases. There is also a guy Eric Feigl-Ding who has also been sounding the alarm about the levels of P.1 in BC,… Continue reading 2021-04-15 BC

2021-04-14 BC

Vaccinations The province did a whole-of-community vaccination of Prince Rupert, and we can now see the results: that vaccinations work! Here’s a graph that Justin McElroy made: Note that the line hasn’t even bottomed out. This reminds me of a graph Dr. Henry showed in 11 March 2021 presentation which showed that it took about… Continue reading 2021-04-14 BC