2021-07-21 BC

Statistics +78 cases, +0 deaths, +5,241 first doses, +58,252 second doses (including 220 AZ). Currently 48 in hospital / 16 in ICU, 729 active cases, 146,142 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 81.1% 59.0% of over-12s 80.1% 55.6% of all BCers 72.9% 50.6% We have 844,511 doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in… Continue reading 2021-07-21 BC

2021-07-20 BC

There was a noticeable uptick in cases today. While the province did forecast that cases would go up a bit before they went down, it still makes me very nervous. Statistics +76 cases, +0 deaths, +4,816 first doses, +55,512 second doses. Currently 50 in hospital / 12 in ICU, 692 active cases, 146,099 recovered. first… Continue reading 2021-07-20 BC

2021-07-19 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: +56 casesSat/Sun: +60 casesSun/Mon: +40 cases Over the weekend, +2 deaths, average of 5,090 first doses and 51,130 second doses per day. Currently 49 in hospital / 12 in ICU, 653 active cases, 146,062 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 80.9% 56.6% of over-12s 79.9% 53.2% of all BCers 72.7% 48.3% We… Continue reading 2021-07-19 BC

2021-07-16 BC

Vaccinations In this article, Dr. Henry points out that evacuation centres (for e.g. wildfires) make distancing difficult, so if you live in a wildfire area, you really ought to get your vaccination ASAP. Variants Delta is now 37% of cases. Uh-oh. Mitigation Measures In this article: Horgan goes along with Trudeau’s plans to open the… Continue reading 2021-07-16 BC

2021-07-15 BC

Tourism This article says that Canada will allow cruise ships to land in Canada again in November. Statistics +54 cases, +1 death, +6,932 first doses, +62,521 second doses (284 AZ). Currently 63 in hospital / 12 in ICU, 650 active cases, 145,859 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 80.5% 51.9% of over-12s 79.4% 48.6%… Continue reading 2021-07-15 BC

2021-07-14 BC

Variants I and a friend have been puzzling together about the drop in VOC cases in BC. One possibility is that COVID Classic is increasing its market share, which seems unlikely. A more likely explanation is that Variants of Interest are circulating but they have not yet been declared Variants of Concern. An obvious suspect… Continue reading 2021-07-14 BC

2021-07-12 BC

Vaccine Clinics Here are graphs of BC’s first and second dose rates by age: Variants I mentioned in yesterday’s General post that the Netherlands is seeing a meteoric rise in cases. There are two things I should have mentioned: The Dutch removed almost all restrictions on 26 June, just five days before BC removed almost… Continue reading 2021-07-12 BC

2021-07-09 BC

Excess Deaths As you might recall, there was a report that I talked about at length in the 2021-07-05 BC blog post which said that the BC COVID-19 death rate was higher than reported. Now, every jurisdiction’s COVID-19 death rate is going to be higher than reported. (There will be some COVID-19 deaths which got… Continue reading 2021-07-09 BC

2021-07-08 BC

Statistics Today: +59 cases, +1 death, +93,103 doses, +10,159 first doses, +82,944 second doses (of which 528 were AZ). NB: These numbers are so high compared to what we’ve been doing, that I suspect that a bunch of vaccinations from the weekend got written on a piece of paper that fell behind the filing cabinet… Continue reading 2021-07-08 BC